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Sayit – Sayit


Sayit is anchored in Marina Del Rey, and playing the sort of smooth music associated with the classic rock airwaves of L.A.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Sayit
LABEL: Noble House
YEAR: 1999
CD INFO: Discogs Info

LINEUP: Sayit – guitars * Tommy Denander – programming, bass, keyboards, guitars * Bruce Gaitsch – guitar

Additional Musicians: lead vocals: Geir Ronning, Pierre Wensberg, Andy Eklund, Annika Burman * backing vocals: Thomas Vikstrom, Mikael Erlandsson, Mikael ‘Zifa’ Eriksson, Kristoffer Lagerstrom, Annika Burman

TRACK LISTING: 01 A Second Start * 02 House Of Glass * 03 Standing On The Outside * 04 One Unguarded Moment * 05 Could You Love Me Again * 06 Garden Of Eden * 07 You’re My Inspiration * 08 She’s The One * 09 Hear Me Heaven * 10 You * 11 Once You Love Somebody


What’s that phrase? Say it like you mean it. How about Say it like you name it. Swedish guitarist Sayit (no gaps, real name it is) has his kundalini spiralling out off the West Coast of USA, not Hawaii mind you, but fairly close nonetheless. And I mean music not geography.

Anchored very much in Marina Del Rey, and playing the sort of smooth music you can associate coming off the classic rock airwaves of L.A. As you can see from the lineup listed above, a Swedish feast comes to the party here, with a sound that sees Toto rubbing shoulders with euro flavoured West Coast merchants Time Gallery or Michael Learns To Rock.

The Songs

Mostly it’s pleasant and radio friendly, though admittedly it’s fairly much the same from one track to the next. However, there are numerous stand-out moments, including the smooth ‘Second Start’ and the catchy ‘Standing On The Outside’. We also get a cover of Journey‘s ‘Once You Love Somebody’ (off ‘Raised On Radio’), a very different version albeit, but interesting nonetheless.

In Summary

Since then, Sayit has released another album ‘Again’, and a new one is due September 2001. West Coast fans and Toto afficienados will need no second introduction, as this is a talent waiting to happen on the fringes.

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