Destination Unknown - Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown – Destination Unknown


Destination Unknown are a new outfit from North Carolina that are primarily the duo of singer Brad Henshaw and multi instrumentalist Jon Dewsbury.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Destination Unknown
ALBUM: Destination Unknown
LABEL: AOR Boulevard
YEAR: 2023

LINEUP: Brad Henshaw – lead and backing vocals * Jon Dewsbury – keyboards, guitar, programming * Andy Saphyr – guitar * Rick Main – sax

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rivals * 02 One Heart * 03 Even Angels Fall * 04 Holding On * 05 Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine * 06 Secretly Loving You * 07 Where Do We Go * 08 Taken My Heart Away * 09 Anywhere You Go * 10 I’m Not Crying Over You

RATING: 90/100



Destination Unknown are a new outfit from North Carolina that are primarily the duo of singer Brad Henshaw and multi instrumentalist Jon Dewsbury. DU have found themselves signed to British label AOR Boulevard Records, with the music pitched as a delicious mix of AOR styles. This album really does sound like a million bucks, the instrumentation in a single word: incredible.

Destination Unknown might be a different proposition to Brad Henshaw’s prior track record, which was in the country pop/rock genres. Vocally, Brad has a similar timbre to jazz vocal legend Phil Perry but without all of Perry’s bag of tricks. You can also add in Larry King, the powerhouse voice from Soleil Moon and the Michael Thompson Band and CCM singer – the late Jonathan Pierce . Brad has a voice that could cross over into different genres at the bat of an eyelid such is his versatility.

The Songs

Most of the songs here are covers, heard elsewhere on a number of yesteryear artists and albums. I’ll cover off the details as we go.

Things get off to a slow start, but very soon ‘Rivals’ grabs your attention, the chugging nature of the guitars and pulsing bass kick into gear. The song pushes the pitch up half s note on the third chorus. Great start. ‘One Heart’ takes the AOR quota to a new level, it really is ear candy.

Tinkly synth introduce ‘Even Angels Fall’. This is quite a beautiful track, one that was co-written by the late Benjamin Orr and John Kalishes during the early 90’s, it never quite made it to a second solo effort from Ben, the material remains unreleased. ‘Holding On’ is another track pitched at AOR, even with the inclusion of sax this one still comes out smelling of roses.

‘Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine’ is giving justice to Jim Capaldi‘s version, first recorded on his 1988 album’ Some Come Running’. A very cool rendition. ‘Secretly Loving You’ adds to the sublime AOR heard thus far. Very easy on the ear. The original was written by Darin Scheff, brother of Jason Scheff though it does not appear to have been recorded elsewhere.

‘Where Do We Go’ is prime time AOR, pumping bass, exquisite keyboards and that tailor made vocal. ‘Taken My Heart Away’ was originally recorded by Norwegian band Lava and can be found on their 1990 album ‘The Rhythm Of Love’. This one sounds a lot like late 80’s era Chicago.

‘Anywhere You Go’ many will remember as the title track from David Pack‘s 1985 album. Always loved that song and great to hear an updated alternative version. ‘I’m Not Crying Over You’ was originally recorded by Adrian Gurvitz on his 2000 release ‘No Compromise’. It’s an easy going slice of AOR balladry and a great way to finish up.

In Summary

The album has seen limited PR on the Internet with only this review and one over at doing the honours. Referring to Brad’s own social media, there’s nothing so far on DU though his country music is left right and center. For AORsters track this one down at all costs, whether by fair means or foul.




One Heart
One Heart

Even Angels Fall
Even Angels Fall

Where Do We Go
Where Do We Go

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