Secret - Stop This World

Secret – Stop The World


The Spanish duo Secret comprising the two main guys in 91 Suite return for album number two.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Secret
ALBUM: Stop This World
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2023

LINEUP: Jesus Espin – vocals * Ivan Gonzalez – all instruments, production

TRACK LISTING: 01 Stop This World * 02 Until It’s Over * 03 Where Do We Go From Here * 04 Nothing To Say * 05 Say A Prayer * 06 If Only For One Night * 07 New Life * 08 Dressed For Success * 09 Everything Is Gone * 10 Take It Easy

RATING: 85/100



If you’ve been reading GDM for the last few years, then you’ll know that Spanish bands have made frequent appearances here, one of those being 91 Suite. The two main guys from that band went out as a duo and in 2014 released their first album for MelodicRock Records called ‘The End Of The Road’.

That album had a bit of everything and was sonically excellent. Nine years later, Jesus and Ivan are back, this time the new one ‘Stop This World’ heads down a pop rock path as if birthed out of a Nashville studio. A but different for sure, but nonetheless appealing in its own way.

The Songs

This new found twanginess is apparent on the opening title track ‘Stop This World’, but the country pop rock doesn’t suffocate the entire album completely thank goodness. Second track ‘Until It’s Over’ is a reminder of the harder material found on the debut. ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ is a spacious and uptempo rocker that fuses many elements within mostly around the keyboard and synth parts. Interesting..

‘Nothing To Say’ heads down the old country road, acoustic guitar, piano etc, there are many comparisons to other acts playing in a similar style that can be read here. This approach continues on ‘Say A Prayer’, the twangy guitars are straight out of America’s south. ‘If Only For One Night’ could be something dreamed up by the latter day version of Bon Jovi but Secret do it so much better.

‘New Life’ rides upon a spatial backdrop, the guitar passage front loaded with delay effects a la U2, the song complimented by an array of synths playing counter melodies. ‘Dressed For Success’ is a cover of the Roxette track. An unusual selection but it kinda works. ‘Everything Is Gone’ is a ballad in the Bon Jovi mould. Some will be ok with it. Many won’t. ‘Take It Easy’ rounds off in an upbeat way and finishes with an emphasis on harder melodic pop rock without the country factor.

In Summary

So yes, Secret give us an album of two halves. The first is a reminder of their earlier material from the debut, the second is the country rock flavor they’ve since acquired. The latter is not a complete Nashville sellout, so don’t expect a complete wardrobe change to faded blue denim and stetson anytime soon.

If anything, Secret sit close to bands/artists like Bon Jovi, Nelson and Mitch Malloy, all have added country rock into their sound in recent times. ‘Stop This World’ is another top effort if a little different upon first expectations.


Until It’s Over

SECRET - Until It's over (official video)

Where Do We Go From Here?
Where Do We Go From Here?

Nothing To Say
SECRET - Nothing to say (official video)

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