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Whitelock – Whitelock (EP)


Whitelock is the one man does it all project of Dan Whitelock, a multi-instrumentalist out of Boston USA.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Whitelock
ALBUM: Whitelock (EP)
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2023

LINEUP: Dan Whitelock – all vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 A World Apart * 02 Another Long Goodbye * 03 Love To Hate You * 04 All Just Fantasy * 05 Living My Life For The Story

RATING: 90/100



Whitelock is the one man does it all project of Dan Whitelock, a multi-instrumentalist out of Boston USA. Dan is also a graduate of Berklee College of Music based out of Boston a decade ago, and is proficient across a number of instruments.

His most notable achievements thus far in a music performance capacity is as a live drummer with NYC glam sleaze melodic rockers Wildstreet (a band reviewed here at GDM several times over the years) and appearances with local area melodic rockers the Ben Cote Band. Now in 2023, Dan has released a five track EP though by my reckoning I’ll go out on a limb and say that some of these tracks were written several years ago.

The Songs

Just the five tracks, and this is prime time 80’s era radio friendly melodic rock. It’s nice to hear this long forgotten style of music given a new lease of life in 2023.

‘A World Apart’ is a throwback to indie melodic rock from the past. Just think of the likes of the Bobby Friss Band as a reference point. A nice and bright sunburst type of song.

‘Another Long Goodbye’ with it’s tinker box intro makes way for more splendid melodic rock, this time with big chorus vocals filling the spaces. This one has got a bit of everything to satisfy the whims of the readership here.

‘Love To Hate You’ isn’t the most positive or uplifting song title you’ll ever see. However, the music belies the lyrics, an all out rocker with it’s origins again – based out of the 80’s.

‘All Just Fantasy’ is a part ballad and part rocker, you’ll get an inkling of Dan’s musical ideas by viewing the video below. Yes, the man can do it all.

Parping synths provide the lead in for ‘Living My Life For The Story’, it gives it a symphonic layer on top of what is a solid rocker in true 80’s fashion.

In Summary

I liked what I heard on this brief outing. It’s clear that Dan Whitelock is a talented musician waiting for that big break. If this EP was created to be similar to a landing page on the Internet for all to see, then it has probably achieved it’s purpose. Judging by his musical profiency and formal music training, Whitelock could head down any future path, but in the meantime I’m happy he’s sticking with melodic rock into the foreseeable future. Check it out!

Whitelock on Video

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