Vision Of Choice - Second Sight

Vision Of Choice – Second Sight

84 / 100

Here is the second album from German power metallers Vision Of Choice who we first met back in 2020.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Vision Of Choice
ALBUM: Second Sight
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2023

LINEUP: Lukas Remus – lead and background vocals * Steve Brockmann – guitars, bass, keyboards, lead vocals (10) * Ponch Satrio – guitars

Additional Musicians: Fabio Alessandrini – drums (2,3,5,6) * Ivica ‘Prognini’ Strognostović – drums (4,7,8,10) * Glenn Wellman – drums (1,9) * Patrick von Goble – guitar solo (5)

The Choir of Choice ( 2 & 10) – Klas Holmgren, Andy Sönnichsen, Katha Jung, Christoph ‘Luppi’ Brockmann, Frank Kruse, Steve Brockmann

TRACK LISTING: 01 She Is Danger * 02 Eyes Of Freedom * 03 High Roller * 04 Demonize * 05 Until The Night * 06 Ghost Chance * 07 Fatal Delusion * 08 To Zero * 09 Hero’s Home * 10 Forever The Heroes

RATING: 85/100

WEBLINKS: Band Camp Page


Here is the second album from German power metallers Vision Of Choice who we first met back in 2020 courtesy of their debut album ‘Mistress Of The Gods’. For an excellent old school metal band, these guys are doing a great job of keeping it retro, real and loud. Their bio includes influences from the 80’s such as Helloween, Judas Priest, Omen and Malice, all bands have been written about at GDM previously. I’d throw in Accept as well.

So now that we’ve sown the seed with Vision Of Choice, you should know what to expect. Their sound can also be compared to many of the bands on the High Roller Records roster, some of which we have covered here at GDM.

The Songs

‘Second Sight’ clocks in a touch over 45 minutes, the whole record is an excursion into heavy metal that leans toward a hybrid of speed and power metal. Just about a perfect match for some of the readers here.
‘She Is Danger’ is a spicy entrance to the album with an Accept like performance except the vocals are much better (sorry Udo). There’s not so much speed on ‘Eyes Of Freedom’ though the rhythm section thunders along with purpose, while Indonesian guitarist Ponch Satrio’s riffs cut up rough giving the song a serrated edge. ‘High Roller’ increases the metronome markedly, a brutal sound is the end result. The drum work from Alessandrini is tight and fierce.

The heaviness is laid on thick for ‘Demonize’, this song is more about power and intensity rather than all out speed. ‘Until The Night’ for me is the most interesting track. It rolls along with a doom element like Black Sabbath. The guitar solos from the 3min 35sec mark add a point of difference too, coming at you from left field. ‘Ghost Chance’ is a fervent reminder of 80’s European metal, it’s good that Vision Of Choice can change it up like this, a fun sounding romp for sure.

Love the guitar riffs on ‘Fatal Delusion’ which again reminds me of prime time Accept. ‘To Zero’ is locked into a mid-tempo groove which is countered by some fast solos which evens it out. ‘Hero’s Home’ features a brief intro similar to Yngwie Mslmsteen‘s’ Crystal Ball’ but things are kept relatively fast and heavy. ‘Forever The Heroes’ is the offset track here, a power ballad with piano parts and the Choir Of Choice are providing backing vocals. Nice way to finish up.

In Summary

Vision Of Choice deliver an album which isn’t as threatening as the demonic looking record cover might suggest. What it does have is ample moments of heaviness and a certain element of speed without going too OTT where they could’ve easily have gotten the speed wobbles. This style of metal will be appreciated by many and it’s my hope that the band become better known. Getting their profile onto and Rate Your Music would be a good start.


Fatal Delusion

Vision of Choice "Fatal Delusion" - Official Lyric Video

Hero’s Home
Vision of Choice "Hero's Home" - Official Visualizer

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