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πŸ“Œ Tempt’s new album is self titled, the band still in fine 80’s influenced form, though the direction change toward modern pop rock is very apparent.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Tempt
LABEL: Better Noise Music
YEAR: 2023
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: Zach Allen – lead vocals * Harrison Marcello – guitars * Chris Gooden – bass * Nick Burrows – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Welcome Me In * 02 Living Dangerous * 03 Two Ways * 04 Burn Me Down * 05 Hideaway * 06 Camouflage * 07 Golden Tongue * 08 Sneakin’ Around * 09 Roses * 10 Girl * 11 Addicted To Touch

RATING: 75/100



New York City four piece Tempt first came across our bow back in 2016, when as a group of youngsters, they managed to secure a unique deal with Derek Oliver and Rock Candy Records. I say unique, because up until that point, the label specialized in the reissue of older previously released albums. Tempt were Rock Candy’s first and so far only current/modern day signing on their roster.

What do I remember of that debut album ‘Runaway’? Well, I did compare Tempt to fellow NYC rivals Station while names like White Lion, Danger Danger and Def Leppard were thrown into the mix for comparisons sake. The other thing I recall was the abundance of tracks on that album – fifteen in total. Not so on their sophomore return, which contains just eleven.

The Songs

Tempt’s new album is self titled, the band still in fine 80’s influenced form, though the direction change toward modern pop rock is very apparent. All the tracks are in the 3 to 4 minute range, the longest at 4.20. Bassist Chris Gooden provides a funky underlay, but generally Tempt are not in the same territory they were in seven years ago, which is a bit disappointing to me personally but at least they are moving with the times.

Opener ‘Welcome Me In’ does exactly as it says, an ebb/flow track that undulates, but Harrison Marchello’s guitar solo blasts the gates wide open. From the edgy and modern side of the boulevard comes ‘Living Dangerous’ fusing the freewheeling action of bands like The Defiants and Tokyo Motor Fist. ‘Two Ways’ is another modern sounding track with chanty vocals amid a big production. Def Leppard springs to mind.

‘Burn Me Down’ continues The Defiants sound, everything from the overall arrangement, vocals and widdly guitar work. The synths are switched on for ‘Hideaway’, sounding like an American version of Houston. I kid you not. ‘Camouflage’ is another refugee from the late 80’s or early 90’s, it’s a busy vocal track, but there was too much happening with this one. The old adage applies: sometimes less is more.

‘Golden Tongue’ sounds as if it could have been written by a Nashville hit machine, not quite light enough for Tennessee Radio, but there seemed to be some clues as to the songs construct. Maybe I’m imagining things Lol? I enjoyed the airy nature of ‘Sneakin’ Around’ especially on the verses, though the song did take on a commercial identity as it went on, as evidenced by the choruses.

By this stage, ‘Roses’ sees Tempt cementing themselves in a modern context well and truly. All the woah woahs would even give Rick Springfield a run for his money. ‘Girl’ is another track which goes all out to attain commercial appeal. Just take a listen to the vocals on the chorus. ‘Addicted To Touch’ by now is the byproduct of all that has gone before. I hear a little bit of Chicago’s Seventh Heaven and their brand of poppy hard rock within.

In Summary

Well, I was surprised to hear no ballads on this effort. What was apparent was Tempt’s significant shift from 80’s overload to more modern elements. It’s not quite pop rock in the vein of aforementioned American mall favorites Seventh Heaven, and though a commercial direction was attempted, the songs probably didn’t have super catchy choruses for crowds to sing along to. However, I do think Tempt could achieve this in time.

For me personally, I’m not bothered by what direction they take, I’m just glad to see Tempt back on the boardwalk. Though the music didn’t strike a direct hit with me this time around, it may do for other folk. Check out the YouTube Music link/page below and see what you think.

Tempt on Video

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