Bad Radiator - V

Bad Radiator – BR V


Like all the previous Bad Radiator albums, there is a bit of something for everyone, it’s mostly AOR, with very few traces of pop detectable this time around.

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ARTIST: Bad Radiator
LABEL: Crazy Feelgood Music
YEAR: 2020
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LINEUP: Mikael Lundgren – vocals, keyboards * Klas Bergvall – guitars * Roger Hansson – drums * Jan Persson – bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Long Way From Home * 02 Heart Attack * 03 Coming Home * 04 Came Without A Warning * 05 Rock N Roll * 06 Fake * 07 King Of The Lonely * 08 Tell Me Why I’m On The Run * 09 I Can’t Take It Anymore * 10 Falling Leaves

RATING: Score=90%

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This Swedish band have been with Glory Daze since the beginning, going back to 2011 I think it was when they first appeared as Bad Radiator. Before that though, they’d been around since the 80’s. I may not have mentioned that before on our previous articles, but it becomes a fact now. They are now into their fourth decade of existence, and if anything, their music has become decidedly groovier, slinkier and appealing. It’s aided by a very decent production too. No problems there.

Yes, it’s a licorice all sorts approach, but if AOR, melodic hard rock and pop all wrapped up in one lolly-bag is your guilty pleasure, then line up at the shopping aisle for this one: ‘BR V’. BR V meaning Bad Radiator’s fifth album, and it follows ‘IV’ which came out during 2017. They may be slightly unusual in their style and delivery method but personally I think it’s a winner for these Swedes because no one gets close to the sort of thing they’re doing.

The Songs

‘Long Way From Home’ – modern synth stabs accompanied by complimentary guitar riffs leads us into this one. The song prowls along at a lesser tempo, the organ through the choruses add a retro touch.

‘Heart Attack’ – complete with a wolf howl and more synth intro parts keeps up appearances. The delivery method isn’t complex but somehow Bad Radiator make it all their own.

‘Coming Home’ – doesn’t venture too far from the first two tracks heard thus far. Easy on the ear, and one for those who remember bands like Stoneflower and Stage Dolls.

‘Came Without A Warning’ – with its hooky keyboard intro is guaranteed to reel you in much like the song-title suggests. The fact the lyrics talk of a surprise arrival and an even more surprising departure gives you some inkling as to what the song is about. Cool guitar solo too.

‘Rock N Roll’ – is a deceptive title when compared to the music. No, it doesn’t rock out, instead it’s a mid-tempo flowing sort of tune, though not quite ballad, perish the thought.

‘Fake’ – is one track I like for its easy song-title and the intent behind it. Let’s put it this way – fake is all around us in 2020. It’s probably been all around for us for decades but we’ve only just turned on our bullshit detectors! This includes world affairs, the media and of course – people in general, as this song implies.

‘King Of The Lonely’ – lobs along at a slower tempo, and won’t challenge the metronome anytime soon, though it does have its moments, with biting guitars and organ work standing out.

‘Tell Me Why I’m On The Run’ – sounds like a typically AOR song-title from the 80’s doesn’t it? Lol.. Again, guitarist Klas Bergvall is prominent with churning guitar work holding it together. The song doesn’t leap into action like an athlete wearing a brand new pair of Nike super-shoes (soon to be banned I’m led to believe), but ambles along at its own pace.

‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’ – is probably a ballad by any other definition, but there are moments to suggest this isn’t a ballad at all! It does become a bit of a chameleon during its run-time.

‘Falling Leaves ‘ – completes this ten song set, and is definitely the ballad moment onboard, complete with a beautiful guitar solo, which leaves a nice licorice flavoured taste in one’s mouth.

In Summary

The album was released on New Year’s Day in 2020. I wonder if this sets a sort of record, for first ever album to be officially released in 2020? Well, if not officially the first, then definitely the official first ‘rock’ record at least.

Like all their previous albums, there is a bit of something for everyone. It’s very easy to set this one going on the playlist and before you know it, 50 minutes have passed by. It’s mostly AOR, with very few traces of pop detectable this time around. Good for us aye? Check out Bad Radiator then, a good little album to welcome in the new year.


Came Without A Warning

BR V Came without a warning

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