Skagarack - Heart And Soul

Skagarack – Heart And Soul

87 / 100

Danish band Skagarack have been off the map for decades, but return in 2023 with a sound that’s more nostalgic than classic.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Skagarack
ALBUM: Heart And Soul
LABEL: Thunderstruck Productions (TSP)
SERIAL: TSP58160820
YEAR: 2023

LINEUP: Torben Schmidt – vocals, bass, keyboards * Jan Petersen – guitars * Dennis Pedersen, Lars Daugaard, Mattias IA Eklundh – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Give It * 02 Peace Of Mind (To Have A Good Time) * 03 A Cool Damn Car * 04 Heart And Soul * 05 Talkin’ Bout Jesus * 06 Changing * 07 Cool To Be Old School * 08 Be With You Forever * 09 Where Have You Been * 10 Ain’t Got Nothing To Lose * 11 So Right * 12 Anymore

RATING: 60/100



Danish band Skagarack have been off the map for decades, but return in 2023 with a sound that’s more nostalgic than classic. I’d seen online reports that Torben Schmidt was keeping the band alive in spirit, and releasing the odd single on occasion around about 2020, but did not expect to see a full blown album out in the public domain three years later.

If one remembers, Skagarack played a racy brand of AOR back in the late great 80’s, but you’ll hear none of that this time around. Instead they are gracefully treading down the classic rock footpath currently occupied by the likes of FM (UK) and previously by Bad Company. There are blues laden pieces that you’ve heard a thousand times before from other artists, but here it’s given a sweet Danish refurbish.

The Songs

Five of the songs collected here were previously released as singles between 2020 and 2022 (Give It, Peace Of Mind (To Have A Good Time), Heart And Soul, Changing, and Be With You Forever). A sixth single ‘Reclaim Your Life’ did not make the final twelve. As mentioned, Skagarack deliver a set of bluesy classic rockers with the odd intrusion of a ballad here and there. Personally, I didn’t find these tunes particularly interesting, with the oft quoted mantra ‘heard it all before’ standing out for me. For others, your mileage may vary.

In Summary

Certainly surprising to Skagarack back, but I’m highly unsure that this album is going to point significant headlights in their direction considering the very apathetic nature of the current music industry and the short attention span of its listeners.

Skagarack on Video

Give It

Skagarack - Give it

Heart And Soul (Live)
Skagarack - Heart and soul (live Viften Copenhagen 2022)

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