Rick Mathews - Only The Young

Rick Mathews – Only The Young

86 / 100

It doesn’t get more radio friendly than this 1991 effort from Californian melodic Rocker and AORster Rick Mathews.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Rick Mathews
ALBUM: Only The Young
LABEL: Hollywood
SERIAL: 161 218
YEAR: 1991
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Rick Mathews – vocals, keyboards * Gary Cambra, Tommy Dunbar, Ron Wagner, Grant Geissman, Jay Pinkus – guitars * Jim Holzman, Dave Meros, Wendy Katel – bass * Bill Cuomo, Kevin Jones – keyboards * Gregg Bissonette, Steven Klong – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Playin’ On The Radio * 02 Easy Money * 03 Lookin’ For America * 04 Only The Young * 05 Kelly Be My Girl * 06 Sail On * 07 Born To Rock * 08 Only Love * 09 Girl Of My Dreams * 10 American Girl



It doesn’t get more radio friendly than this 1991 effort from Californian melodic Rocker and AORster Rick Mathews. A collection of infectious songs which would have been compulsory listening heading off into the California sunset. With a voice somewhere between Jeff Paris, Bon Jovi and Paul Laine, and the music being as AOR as you please.

These songs contain some of the best choruses I’ve heard in ages, while the assembled lineup is pretty impressive, ranging from ex Chuck Mangiaone guitarist Grant ‘The General’ Geissman through to David Lee Roth band drummer Gregg Bissonette.

The Songs

To be honest, ‘Only The Young’ does have a formularised feel to it, but you can’t argue that when it’s done this well then the formula must be effective. Rick Mathews songs date back a bit into the 1980’s, so these have obviously been in the can for a while, and perhaps a good reason why it sounds so 80’s oriented.

The album opens up with the impressive ‘Playin’ On The Radio’ which is exactly what one should do when they hear it. ‘Easy Money’ is rather cheesy, if I may be so bold, while ‘Lookin’ For America’ is melodic and musically searching. The anthemic ‘Kelly Be My Girl’ is a track Jeff Paris would be proud of, as it could be one of his. Wonderful twin guitar solos on that one too.

There’s the classic ballad contained within, in the shape of ‘Sail On’, with poignant piano lines throughout, and searing guitars on the solo. ‘Born To Rock’ (excuse the corny title) has a live feel and crowd noises and dubs integrated into it. Another majestic piece is the AOR trademark titled song ‘Only Love’.

‘Girl Of My Dreams’ gallops along at a good clip and reflects the overall theme of the album, that being ‘living the American Dream’. And while we’re on that subject, the album ends with the overly soppy ‘American Girl’. Not exactly going out with a bang, but hey we’ll take it anyway.

In Summary

Not sure what resulted from this effort at the time. I do remember it being released during 1991, but that’s about it. Prior to this, Rick Mathews released two private LPs in 1981 and 1983, but where he ended up is anybodys guess. So, if anyone has any goss as to what he’s up to now, be sure to let us know.

Rick Mathews on Video

Playin’ On The Radio

Rick Mathews – Playin' On The Radio

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