Lita Ford - Dangerous Curves

Lita Ford – Dangerous Curves


Melodic rock’s guitar goddess: Lita Ford. This album is to female guitar slingers as Kane Roberts ‘Saints And Sinners’ was to male guitar singers.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Lita Ford
ALBUM: Dangerous Curves
SERIAL: 07863 61025-2
YEAR: 1991
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Lita Ford – vocals, guitars * Joe Taylor – guitars * Matt Bissonette – bass * David Ezrin – keyboards * Myron Grombacher – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Larger Than Life * 02 What Do Ya Know About Love * 03 Shot Of Poison * 04 Bad Love * 05 Playin’ With Fire * 06 Hellbound Train * 07 Black Widow * 08 Little Too Early * 09 Holy Man * 10 Tambourine Man * 11 Little Black Spider



Melodic rock’s guitar goddess – Lita Ford. Who can forget her 1983 debut ‘Out For Blood’ with the outrageous album cover? Certainly the follow up album ‘Dancin’ On The Edge’ was much more appealing to those followers of all things melodic. The former Runaways axeslinger chimed in with a couple of albums toward the end of the decade, with ‘Lita’ and ‘Stiletto’ though be this stage she had kinda lost her appeal, even though her albums were great.

Then along comes ‘Dangerous Curves’, an album which redeemed her pop metal status, and is without doubt the best thing she ever released. The plaudits are high for her choice of songs, the production is great, even the MTV videos were excellent. ‘Dangerous Curves’ is to female guitar slingers as Kane Roberts ‘Saints And Sinners’ was to male guitar slingers – both released in the same year too coincidentally.

The Songs

Lita kicks the door down with the opening cut ‘Larger Than Life’, the stuff that was easily digested by the MTV brigade a few years earlier. It’s rampant arena rock at its best. Taking a swig at Danger Danger styled fun time rock a la ‘Monkey Business’ (from their ‘Screw It’ album) is the second track ‘What Do Ya Know About Love’. Mainly though, it is easy to get lost in a repeat play of these songs.

The hit single ‘Shot Of Poison’, the tremendous ‘Playin’ With Fire’ and the super smooth delivery of ‘Little Too Early’ are a triumvirate of tunes that’ll have you drooling. ‘Tambourine Dream’ is another choice cut, the acoustic guitar swings healthily, as does the razor sharp lead guitar work. I guess after the success of ‘Close My Eyes Forever’, Lita had to turn out another ballad – this time around it’s ‘Bad Love’, and it moves similarly in style.

In Summary

All in all a good fun selection of songs, a handful are absolute winners, so that makes the album a must-have for the CD collection. Don’t be put off by her image and reputation, the music lands it smack dab in the middle of territory that we all know and love at GDM. During the 90’s, Lita opted out of the music biz, instead becoming a mom/wife with former Nitro singer/vocal coach and now big time Wrestler wannabee Jim Gillette. The things we do.


Playing With Fire

Lita Ford - Playin' with Fire

Shot Of Poison
Lita Ford - Shot of Poison

Larger Than Life
Lita Ford - Larger Than Life

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