Airkraft - In The Red

Airkraft – In The Red

88 / 100

Airkraft have been in the business for years, since the early 1980’s in fact, and were big news in their native state of Wisconsin.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Airkraft
ALBUM: In The Red
SERIAL: D2-77448
YEAR: 1991
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Dave Saindon – vocals, guitars * Mitch Viegut – guitars * Peter Phippen – bass * Jon Douglas Dixon – keyboards * Gyro – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Someday You’ll Come Running * 02 Heaven * 03 Love Has No Mercy * 04 Somewhere * 05 85 MPH * 06 Oh No! * 07 Feed Me To The Fire * 08 Trouble * 09 Tonight * 10 Say Goodbye



Airkraft have been in the business for years, since the early 1980’s in fact, and were big news in their native state of Wisconsin. Through the years Airkraft had released a number of albums up to this point. ‘Lets Take Off’ and ‘Proximity’ were local releases only. Their third and self titled album came out in 1987, and helped to generate more interest in the band from further afield.

Airkraft’s lineup has been reasonably stable over the years, and is led by the principal songwriter and lead guitarist Mitch Viegut. For this ‘big’ label release, the boys signed to the Curb label, who by this stage were dabbling in rock bands/artists, such as Peter Beckett and Eyes. Curb must have liked what they heard, as ‘In The Red’ was first issued on the band’s own label Premiere during 1990, the Curb Records release followed a year album.

The Songs

The music is archetypal melodic rock, bordering on AOR. Everything you could expect in this genre of music is here. Comparisons to the likes of Journey and Shooting Star come easy, while the mix of guitars, keyboards and a heavy handed rhythm section is just about right.

Airkraft aren’t scared of throwing in a few covers and co-writes in tandem with their own stuff. In fact, the Judithe Randall penned ‘Someday You’ll Come Running’ is the track made popular by both FM and Mark Free, while ‘Heaven’ is a Jack Ponti co-written. Randall has another track on the album ‘Love Has No Mercy’, a grunty rocker in the chant-a-long Def Leppard style followed by ‘Somewhere’ a huge anthemic ballad.

The gears open out on ’85mph’, a great all out guitar rocker, similarly ‘Oh No’, which continues the pace and intensity, though the lower than baritone vocal chants are a bit off-putting. ‘Feed Me To The Fire’ is an infectious ditty with a catchy chorus. The straight ahead rocking of ‘Trouble’ and ‘Tonight’ have a definite midwest flavour to them, while the album closer ‘Say Goodbye’ tries to wrap up in true AOR anthemic fashion.

In Summary

I think this was their last album release, though I’m not sure whether the band is still a going concern, years after their last official output. However, a good solid band well worthy of an entry on this site, and definitely keeping to the tried and true values of the melodic rock genre.

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