Ol' Paint - Ol' Paint

Ol’ Paint – Ol’ Paint


Ol’ Paint is full of radio ready power pop, similarities have been made to both Big Star and The Beatles – and I have to agree.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Ol’ Paint
ALBUM: Ol’ Paint
LABEL: GWP Records
YEAR: 1971
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Tony Caputo – vocals * Andy Mendleson – lead guitar, organ, vocals * Phil Zeppetello – rhythm guitar, vocals * John Bujak – electric bass * Richard Mendelson – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Always In The Way * 02 She Leaves Free * 03 It’s My Birthday * 04 All For Love * 05 I’m A Natural Man * 06 Was I Surprised * 07 Mogitah * 08 Victims Of The Sexual Revolution * 09 Up From The Sea * 10 You Are My Friend * 11 Good-Bye * 12 Down So Long


I had never heard of this album until the 2007 reissue on the excellent Fallout label which specializes in long out of print rock, psych and folk music. Supposedly Ol’ Paint called New York City home, but any other information is sparse at best.

Fallout’s booklet, while nicely presented doesn’t add much to help those of us who need a life and get off on band histories! We do know this was their only record released on the GWP label which was more in tune with jazz and soul music than pop and probably why it never received the promotion it deserved especially since no singles were released from the LP.

The Songs

Very surprising considering this record is full of radio ready power pop. Comparisons to both Big Star and The Beatles have been made in other reviews and I have to agree. The Big Star parallel is spot on.

Like the Memphis wonder boys, Ol’ Paint were not the strongest of musicians and a little raw, but knew how to write tuneful and catchy songs to great effect. Vocalist Tony Caputo reminds me of Roy Wood (The Move, ELO) in spots and there is a Woodstock jingle jangle country rock influence that tends to run through some of the tracks, but it’s never annoying and adds much to the albums charm.

Personal faves include ‘She Leaves Free’ as well as ‘It’s My Birthday’, and at just under the forty minute mark there is plenty of good time music here to leave a lasting impression on fans of the early power pop scene.

In Summary

It’s always amazed me how many unknown albums like Ol’ Paint are still out there waiting to see the light of day once again. Thanks to labels like Fallout those of us who were too young at the time or missed out completely can rediscover a lost gem like Ol’ Paint and be completely blown away which is why we all collect music in the first place right?

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