Stallion - Slaves Of Time

Stallion (Germany) – Slaves Of Time


Stallion are still delivering quality fast paced metal, guaranteed to shake the dandruff loose, it’s an uncomplicated style, steeped in the tradition of European speed metal.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Stallion (Germany)
ALBUM: Slaves Of Time
LABEL: High Roller Records
YEAR: 2020

LINEUP: Pauly (Paul Ehrenhardt) – vocals * Axxl (Alex Stacker) – guitars * Clode (Claudio Harlimann) – guitars * Christian Stampfe – bass * Aaron – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Waking The Demons * 02 No Mercy * 03 Time To Reload * 04 All In * 05 Brain Dead * 06 Die With Me * 07 Merchants Of Fear * 08 Dynamiter * 09 Kill The Beast * 10 Meltdown

RATING: 85/100

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These German rockers come thrashers are Stallion, they have been given two reviews by yours truly. Click the tag below. Their label High Roller Records has been busy of late reissuing tons of older albums plus a couple of brand new ones, including this one.

You’d have to appreciate where these guys are coming from in terms of their music. It’s not immediate for many of the light and fluffy persuasion, but if you’re into bands like Sweden’s Bullet or Americans White Wizzard (both bands reviewed extensively here), then Stallion – the German variety, are for you.

The Songs

The slow measured intro to ‘Waking The Demon’ gets us underway before things take off at breakneck speed. The lead vocals are double-tracked in part, and Pauly let’s rip. ‘No Mercy’ is full on speed and it gets a bit dizzy at times, I much preferred the Bullet like hard rock of ‘Time To Reload’, which is less manic and more my cup of tea. ‘All In’ is more measured HM too without the speed element, and I feel this is where the band excel, plus the hi-octane vocal shouts can get a touch repetitive.

‘Brain Dead’ with its thudding bass and double kick drums ensures this lives in the speed metal zone. Changing tack completely is the ballad ‘Die With Me’, some beaut acoustic guitars to lead off, gradually building pace throughout. Nice work lads.

The last four tracks lift it a notch in terms of speed. ‘The Merchants Of Fear’ with its Megadeth styled lineage plus the OTT ‘Dynamiter’ are probably the best examples of what Stallion are all about. ‘Kill The Beast’ chases hard with its relentless drive, plus ‘Meltdown’ brings up the pack, but without any remorse nor decrease in velocity.

In Summary

Stallion are still delivering high quality fast paced metal, guaranteed to shake the dandruff loose. It’s an uncomplicated style, steeped in the great tradition of European speed metal. A bit more variety in approach (songwriting) plus less reliance on those high vocal shouts would make this more appealing as an overall listen, but still, I’ve been listening to this for a few days and really enjoying it.


Time To Reload

Stallion - Time to Reload (Album: Slaves of Time 2020 - Track 3) Official

All In
Stallion - All In (Album: Slaves of Time 2020 - Track 4) Official

Die With Me
Stallion - Die with Me (Album: Slaves of Time 2020 - Track 6) Official

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