Beretta76 - Blue Sky

Beretta76 – Blue Sky (EP)


A cracking little release from Beretta76 this is a Garage-Power Pop hybrid that works really well.

Written by: Explorer

ARTIST: Beretta76
ALBUM: Blue Sky
LABEL: Sister Raygun Records
SERIAL: SRR 008. CD, Digital Download and Streaming
YEAR: 2020

LINEUP: Camille Escobedo – voice, guitar * Pete Rydberg – guitar, bass, organ, voice, percussion * Rob Giglio – drums * John Anthony – percussion (#3)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Tire Fire * 02 Blue Sky * 03 Never Wanted * 04 You’re Young * 05 Animal

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A band that came to my attention through the drummer of Glam Rockers Creem Circus, Rockbottom Rob, who as it turns out is also in this Philadelphia rock band Beretta76.

This is an EP that was started back in 2014, but for various reasons has only just seen the light of day. Led by Camille Escobedo, Beretta76 have in the past released a full album ‘Black Beauty’, and a self-titled EP both in the early 2000’s.

The Songs

Five punchy rock songs with the forceful presence of Camille very much to the fore, with I might add a hint of Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett in her vocal styling. ‘Tire Fire’ is a strident rock tune with power chords aplenty and the cowbell used to great effect, but it’s not without a certain subtlety either which gives the whole song a commercial edge. The title track is a slightly more moody piece with a power-pop feel to it, thanks to some jangly guitars pushed up in the mix.

‘Never Wanted’ is a darker tune, with a delicious vocal and guitars that positively roar, whereas ‘You’re Young’ balances that out with an almost Glam like sound, and really catchy guitar motif. ‘Animal’ closes up proceedings with another fine slice of commercial hard rock. All the tracks display a very cool blend of crunchy guitar riffs without losing that all-important element of melody.

In Summary

A cracking little release, which hits all the right notes for me. So much so I’m off to check out their previous releases. Beretta76 is a Garage-Power Pop hybrid that works really well. It very much has my seal of approval.


Tire Fire

Tire Fire

Blue Sky
Blue Sky

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