DeCarlo - Lightning Strikes Twice

DeCarlo – Lightning Strikes Twice


This is the new album from former Boston alumni Tommy DeCarlo, I’m hearing bits of Nelson, 38 Special and perhaps a very lite version of Daughtry, very likeable.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Lightning Strikes Twice
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2020


LINEUP: Tommy DeCarlo – vocals * Tommy DeCarlo Jnr – guitars * Brett Nelson – bass * Dan Hitz – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 A Better Day * 02 Lightning Strikes Twice * 03 You Are The Fire * 04 I Think I Fell In Love With You * 05 Into The Storm (instr) * 06 Still In Love * 07 there She Goes * 08 Rock N Soul * 09 Stand Up (Play Ball) * 10 The One

RATING: Score=90%



I wasn’t sure what to expect when I added this to my Google Play Music library last week. Though Tommy DeCarlo Snr was a member for nearly a decade, it was through a period of Boston‘s tenure that was utterly awful – truth be told. Maybe I though it was a case of bringing some baggage along for the ride, and though my initial trepidation might have bordered on gunshy, it was with good reason. Never fear, this turned out to be quite an enjoyable little album.

I’m hearing bits of Nelson, 38 Special and perhaps a very lite version of Daughtry which lends itself well to the modern audiences in the home market of the USA. So, DeCarlo (the band) are Dad (Tommy Snr) and son (Tommy Jnr), plus young pups Dan and Brett in the rhythm section. They put on a good show, so good on them.

The Songs

We kick off with ‘A Better Day’, a nice easy on the ear intro from the quartet, with emphasis on an acoustic/electric hybrid, which works because the song is underpinned by a massive harmony laden vocal. The title track is next, an edgy rocker with blitzing synths to introduce the song, plus adding presence on the chorus with staccato bursts. A bit heavier than the opener.

‘You Are The Fire’ is a likeable pop rocker which sees Tommy Snr pull out the Brad Delp/Fran Cosmo vocalisms. Nice work lads. ‘I Think I Fell In Love With You’ as a mid-tempo tune didn’t quite hit the mark when compared to the first three. It’s OK, just not great.

The atmospheric synths and organ preceding ‘Into The Storm’ is a brief instrumental which segues into ‘Still In Love’, a ballad, which as you would have guessed gets no comment from me.. Lol. ‘There She Goes’ features some nice mild chugging guitar in that 38 Special mode, though the song itself goes elsewhere in direction. Still, decent enough, a song all about lost love and opportunity.

‘Rock N Soul’ is a cranky piece, that invokes comparisons to any good bar band doing the rounds on a Saturday night in Anywhere USA. I thought the sax was unnecessary though, just me. ‘Stand Up (Play Ball)’ is a feelgood rocker played in a vein similar to prime time April Wine, this one shifts along at party temp level. ‘The One’ is a typical ballad you’ll hear on the Clear Network all across America, personally I think bands like this should thumb their noses at radio and refuse to play stuff like this.

‘Give Love A Go’ sounds like a world peace song from a lyrical perspective, kudos to DeCarlo for putting our world problems at the forefront. Last track ‘Gotta Go’ sort of goes out with a bang. It’ll please the regular Glory Daze readers with its smoking riffs and synth intrusions. Very good I say.

In Summary

Yes without doubt, a pleasant surprise considering all the history. I think all has been redeemed on that front. The DeCarlo songs are a comfortable fit, and should find it’s way onto your playlist ASAP. Highlights for me: ‘You Are The Fire’, ‘Gotta Go’ and ‘A Better Day’. Knock it out of the park!


You Are The Fire

You Are the Fire

Lightning Strikes Twice
DECARLO - "Lightning Strikes Twice" (Official Music Video)

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