Southern Steel - Get On Through

Southern Steel – Get On Through

87 / 100

Here’s a rarity. From 1974, a Miami based band called Southern Steel with links and connections to a whole bunch of other local area bands from that era.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Southern Steel
ALBUM: Get On Through
LABEL: Earth Records
SERIAL: E-00003
YEAR: 1974
CD INFO: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Jim Goodman – 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, lead vocals * Spike Warner – guitar, vocals * Ed Olszewski – bass, guitar, vocals * Greg Orsini – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 San Francisco Man * 02 24 Hours * 03 Me And You * 04 Where Has The Country Gone * 05 One’s Up For Listening * 06 There’s Just You * 07 Day’s End * 08 The Feeling * 09 Don’t Deny It



Here’s a rarity. From 1974, a Miami based band called Southern Steel with links and connections to a whole bunch of other local area bands from that era.

Obscure outfits (unless you lived in Miami at the time, they probably won’t be) such as Heat Machine, The Moon, Willy Bogg, Shades Inc, Dakota (no, not that Dakota!), and The Force all featured personnel associated with this band.

Southern Steel were selected to be the inaugural band for a new record label in town called Earth Records. As it turned out, SS’s sole LP ‘Get On Through’ was also the label’s sole album. Apparently, the album was recorded in only two days! A world record then!

The Songs

I wouldn’t call ‘Get On Through’ a compulsory listen, nor would I call it strictly southern rock, having listened to much of that genre’s greatest bands over the years. It’s a hybrid sound, fusing some country/folk styles plus the occasional late 60’s early 70’s west coast vibe akin to early Doobie Brothers for instance.

Opening with ‘San Francisco Man’ it’s a good comparison to the aforementioned Doobies, a racy number. ’24 Hours’ is so inoffensive, a folky number with the obliging mandolin. The lite approach continues on ‘Me And You’, and it this point the album is in danger of slipping off the interest map

‘Where Has The Country Gone’ sounds like an ode to urban re-development, while we return to the Doobie Brothers styled rock with ‘One’s Up For Listening. This is much better. ‘There’s Just You’ takes a poke at country bumpkin folk rock, while ‘Days End’ has enough guitar parts to make it interesting.. just.

Finally, Southern Steel have a bomb planted underneath them and get mildly enthused for the genuine southern rock of ‘The Feeling’. The last track ‘Don’t Deny It’ throws everything at the Allman Brothers and at 7 minutes plus, you get the sense that a ‘Freebird’ styled epic is on the cards, with extended soloing etc.

In Summary

The band were ready to hit the road, taking their new album out among the Southern heartland. Unfortunately, Warner and Orsini did not want to tour, so both left the band, and were replaced by two members of Miami based southern progressive rockers Peace And Quiet.

Southern Steel then decided upon a move to Nashville later in the year, but after being promised much and on the verge of a deal with potential majors, everything collapsed around them.

According to band member Ed Olszewski, The Outlaws were the new band signed to Clive Davis’ Arista Records, while Southern Steel were left without management, a completed master and a record deal. The band fractured at this point, some staying on in the Country music capital, while others returned to Miami.


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Southern Steel - Get On Through 1974

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