Spooky Tooth - The Mirror

Spooky Tooth – The Mirror


Despite several lackluster releases, Spooky Tooth finally got it together in 1974 with the departure of Mike Harrison and the addition of Mike Patto on vocals.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Spooky Tooth
ALBUM: The Mirror
LABEL: Island Records (USA), Goodear (UK)
SERIAL: ILPS-9292, EARL-2001
YEAR: 1974
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Mike Patto – lead vocals, organ, percussion, drums, keyboards, piano * Gary Wright – lead & backing vocals, organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards * Mick Jones – guitar, percussion, backing vocals * Val Burke – bass, backing vocals * Bryson Graham – percussion, drums * Mike Harrison – keyboards, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Fantasy Satisifer * 02 Two Time Love * 03 Kyle * 04 Woman And Gold * 05 Higher Circles * 06 Hell Or High Water * 07 I’m Alive * 08 The Mirror * 09 The Hoofer



Spooky Tooth was a British/American hard rock band with a spotty career and painfully average albums. It says a lot that Spooky Tooth’s biggest claim to fame is their song ‘Better By You, Better Than Me’ covered by Judas Priest and the subject of a 1990 civil lawsuit in the suicide death of a Nevada teenager.

The song was originally written by Gary Wright and covered on Priest’s ‘Stained Class’ opus. Supposedly the version in question contained a subliminal message ‘Do It’ which the family says lead to the death, but in reality the trial was a media circus and eventually dismissed.

While I’m sure sales of ‘Stained Class’ spiked, it’s doubtful many ran out to buy the Spooky Tooth album ‘Spooky Two’ with the original take, but perhaps I’m being too harsh? OK I’ll behave. Despite several lackluster releases, the group finally got it together in 1974 with the departure of Mike Harrison and the addition of Mike Patto on vocals.

‘The Mirror’ was the second album to feature future Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones and here he comes into his own sharing production chores with Wright and Eddie Kramer delivering a none too shabby rock album that would turn out to be Spooky Tooth’s swan song.

The Songs

Jones and Wright merge their song writing talents on the opener ‘Fantasy Satisfier’, a chug-a-lug rock tune and impressive at that. Now, before I go any further it’s a good bet this album was the prototype for the early Foreigner sound. There are just way too many similarities to ignore and ‘Fantasy Satisfier’ as well as ‘Two Time Love’ and the powerful ballad ‘Kyle’ could have easily fit on the classic 1977 debut.

It also has to be said this is the hardest you will hear Gary Wright rock. Everyone’s favourite space cadet is very down to earth here and no funk to be found anywhere, something that marred so many of his solo albums. When he’s not taking the lead role, Wright’s backing vocals stand out, but Patto holds his own with a classic rock voice that’s works better when the group cuts loose.

The Uriah Heep-ish ‘Woman and Gold’ is a good example of Patto at his best and here he shares vocals with Wright with very cool results while ‘Higher Circles’ moves into Deep Purple territory and succeeds admirably if slightly plagiaristic.

After a spacey keyboard interlude that I’m sure Wright couldn’t resist, a ‘Talk Box’ ala the sound Peter Frampton made famous kicks in for what arguably just might be the best cut on the album. Sort of Humble Pie meets Uriah Heep with Peter Frampton sitting in.’Hell or High Water’ should have been on radios everywhere along with ‘I’m Alive’ where Wright gives one of his best performances.

Rounding out the set is the title track, again with both Wright and Patto sharing vocal chores. Like a slow moving Deep Purple shot into space with swirling keys and a steady back beat, it’s moody and powerful, but all good things must come to an end and in this case it’s the final cut ‘The Hoofer’.

Reminding me of the Spooky Tooth of old, a crummy song with no endearing features or hook and its almost as if it was tacked on to the LP at the last minute to fill time. Too bad, it’s a blemish on an otherwise excellent album.

In Summary

Two different versions of the cover can be found, the first shown here featured an impressive die-cut cover while the second shows the plain photo of the band that was the back cover of the first issue.

Reissued on CD several times, it’s currently out of print which is a shame since it’s the only Spooky Tooth album worth owning. Finally, I should mention Gary Wright has resurrected Spooky Tooth and is making the rounds on the Euro concert circuit. Hope you can read into my sarcasm – I can hardly contain my excitement.


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