Left End - Spoiled Rotten

Left End – Spoiled Rotten


Left End were a very loud and proud rawk and rawl band from Ohio, that tore up the circuit around the Cleveland/Youngstown region during the early 70’s.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Left End
ALBUM: Spoiled Rotten
LABEL: Polydor
YEAR: 1974
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LINEUP: Dennis T Menass – vocals * Jim Puhalla – guitars * Tom Figinsky – guitars * Roy Guerrieri – bass * Patsy Palombo – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Loser * 02 Bad Talkin’ Lady * 03 Spoiled Rotten * 04 Take It In Stride * 05 Sweet Lovin’ * 06 Every Little Thing * 07 Takin’ Time * 08 Whiskey And Rye * 09 It’s Over



A very loud and proud rawk and rawl band from Ohio, that tore up the circuit around the Cleveland/Youngstown region during the early 70’s. If bands such as Kiss, The Tubes and Aerosmith were to draw any comparison to one band operating at, or before their time, then a glimpse in the direction of Left End would’ve been appropriate, because these boys were doing everything those three bands were doing.. and then some.

From the outrageous make-up, the oversized 12′ platform shoes, fishnet stockings, flashpot pyrotechnics, to the screeching and loudest sound you could imagine, these guys were schlock and shock, long before any of their rivals caught onto the game.

Their sound was modelled (their words) on the likes of The Who, Slade, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple and probably more appropriately Humble Pie, the Steve Marriott flavoured vocals of the delightfully named Dennis T Menass became a band signature.

The band’s style started out in a funk direction, but the harder rockin’ they became, it became less funk and more rabid. Let me reiterate, Left End aren’t heavy metal, they are pure hard rock with funk and pop tendencies.

The Songs

Check out the era classics ‘Bad Talkin’ Lady’ and ‘Spoiled Rotten’, with some of the most outrageous lyrics of the time! You’ll be swinging in time with the excellence of the groove laden ‘Take It In Stride’, or the very British pop flavoured ‘Sweet Lovin’. You may very well hear the bomb drop on ‘Every Little Thing’ at the start of the song, but the rest of it is positively polite when compared to the rest of the album.

‘Takin’ Time’ opens up with Motorhead like intensity, but caves in to acoustic balladry, only for a fleeting glimpse thankfully, before the hard rockin’ continues. ‘Whiskey And Rye’ has some darker edges to it but the light switch is turned back on again for the entertaining closer ‘It’s Over’.

In Summary

Only the one album for this lot, though they continued playing in and around the Ohio region for many many years. Cleveland would be represented by a number of well known names such as Michael Stanley, Eric Carmen in later years. However, the city was never quite the same after the Left End experiment and experience. And guess what? After thirty odd years, the band are still going. Awesome eh? A 1974 period classic for many.


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