Fallenrock - Watch For Fallenrock

Fallenrock – Watch For Fallenrock


Fallenrock were a trio of singer songwriters from Nashville who released this one-off vocal centric LP in a country folk meets West Coast style.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Fallenrock
ALBUM: Watch For Fallenrock
LABEL: Capricorn
YEAR: 1974
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Larry Keith, Steve Pippin, Rafe Van Hoy – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, songwriting

TRACK LISTING: 01 She’s A Mystery * 02 Tie Me * 03 Mary Anne * 04 I’m Never Alone * 05 Sayin’ It’s So Don’t Make It So * 06 Lonely In Churchville * 07 My World Begins And Ends With You * 08 We Got Love * 09 Love’s A Game * 10 World On A String



This lot were a Nashville based trio signed to perennial southern rock label Capricorn back in 1974. Their forte was as a songwriting team, who in the years since have became well established songwriters with hits aplenty for predominantly country artists.

Musically there is lot of vocal harmonies going on making this sound closer to a West Coast meets folk rock album. Nods to America and England Dan And Jon Ford Coley are hereby acknowledged.

The Songs

Acoustic guitar and orchestration is featured heavily on the lead off ‘She’s A Mystery’, a pleasant summery tune from an era far far away. ‘Mary Anne’ was the track released as Fallenrock’s first single, it’s all very plaintive stuff for a mid-tempo ballad.

‘I’m Never Alone’ is my pick on the album, an energetic tune, beaut chorus and another summertime gem. The song title ‘Sayin’ It’s So Don’t Make It So’ might be a mouthful, but it left a sour taste when compared to the previous track.

‘Lonely In Churchville’ sees the music being cranked up a bit, if this was released a decade on, then someone like Danny Wilde could’ve made something of it. ‘My World Begins And Ends With You’ moves into piano ballad territory, it’s another poignant offering with one having to remember this was 1974 after all. I quite liked the clavinet funk of ‘Love’s A Game’ while ‘World On A String’ breaks out into something more expansive.

In Summary

This was the only album by the band, as the LP was released just prior to Sony’s acquisition of Capricorn in 1974, hence Fallenrock falling through the cracks. No surprise then that the album was never reissued on CD either.

Rafe Van Hoy released a solo album in 1980, and was married to country pop artist Deborah Allen between 1982 and 1984. She is also reviewed here at Glory Daze as well. This album won’t set the brain cells on fire but for those of you into that golden era of AM pop from the early 70’s then Fallenrock might be worth an investigation.


We Got Love


Mary Anne

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