Ratt - Out Of The Cellar

Ratt – Out Of The Cellar


Atlantic Records obviously saw ‘cha-ching’ signs with Ratt, and duly snapped them up. As history would show, this album would be the breakthrough for Ratt.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Out Of The Cellar
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: 80143-1
YEAR: 1984
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Stephen Pearcy – vocals * Warren De Martini – guitars * Robbin Crosby – guitars * Juan Croucier – bass * Bobby Blotzer – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wanted Man * 02 You’re In Trouble * 03 Round And Round * 04 In Your Direction * 05 She Wants Money * 06 Lack Of Communication * 07 Back For More * 08 The Morning After * 09 I’m Insane * 10 Scene Of The Crime



Back in 1983, I was introduced to L.A metal hopefuls Ratt. Originally from San Diego, the core members moved a few hundred miles up S.H 5 to further their career. I managed to secure an import copy of the debut EP ‘Ratt’, my version the Music For Nations vinyl copy sourced from England.

As good as that EP was, little did I know how successful this band would end up being. Los Angeles at the time was riding a Motley Crue driven wave. Sure there were other bands doing good things at the time, but that glam/metal crossover was proving popular.

Atlantic Records obviously saw ‘cha-ching’ signs with Ratt, and duly snapped them up. As history would show, this album would be the breakthrough for Ratt, and along with it – a slew of other bands were signed up by other labels wanting to cash in on the next big thing from L.A.

The Songs

The band and label bought in Beau Hill to handle the production, with the eventual album landing on the market during March 1984.

‘Out Of The Cellar’ was populated with a couple of well-heeled tracks which proved popular at the time. Opener ‘Wanted Man’ made it into the lower reaches of the Billboard 100, though it took ‘Round And Round’ less time to make it to No 12 on the charts.

The other major highlight on the album is the track ‘You’re In Trouble’ which bought back reminders from their fantastic EP – considering that an earlier version can be found on the EP, though the MFN LP vinyl did not include it.

Talking of which, ‘Back For More’ on this album is also another re-recorded version of the one found on that EP. Much has been made of De Martini and Crosby’s inclination to churn out guitar riffs modelled on Judas Priest, and though obviously not as heavy as Messrs Tipton and Downing. You can hear on songs like ‘In Your Direction’ and ‘Im Insane’.

In Summary

Despite the brain-dead press who tried to write this band off as being nothing more than ordinary, the youth of America voted with with their feet and their wallets, converting ‘Out Of The Cellar’ into a triple platinum seller.

The album went as high as No 7 on Billboard – a ranking not to be sneezed at considering this was their debut. The band would go on to bigger things with their next album ‘Invasion Of Your Privacy’ the following year.


Wanted Man

RATT - Wanted Man (Official Music Video)

Round And Round
RATT - Round And Round (Official Music Video)

Back For More
RATT - Back For More (Official Music Video)

You’re In Trouble
You're in Trouble

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