Stone Fury - Burns Like A Star

Stone Fury – Burns Like A Star

86 / 100

The Stone Fury debut ‘Burns Like A Star’ has been unfairly compared by critics to Led Zeppelin but mostly this is a credible melodic rock workout which many of you should investigate further.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Stone Fury
ALBUM: Burns Like A Star
YEAR: 1984
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Lenny Wolf – lead vocals, rhythm guitar * Bruce Gowdy – guitars, backing vocals * Rick Wilson – bass, backing vocals * Jody Cortez – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Break Down The Wall * 02 I Hate To Sleep Alone * 03 Life Is Too Lonely * 04 Don’t Tell Me Why * 05 Mama’s Love * 06 Burns Like A Star * 07 Tease * 08 Hold It * 09 Shannon You Lose


Stone Fury was the brainchild of German vocalist Lenny Wolf. From Hamburg originally, and a singer steeped in the tradition of Led Zeppelin, in particular Robert Plant, Wolf has set about making a career out of emulating his heroes. Whether it is by design or by fluke, his striking resemblance to Plant is uncanny, to the point of derision by many rock critics.

However, in saying that, what he does do, he does well, and I’d have to say that every release I’ve heard with Wolf involved is of high quality.. Zep rip off or not. In 1983, Lenny Wolf moved to Los Angeles, and hooked up with Bruce Gowdy to form Stone Fury. Bringing Gowdy onboard was a great move, as I consider him (alongside Doug Aldrich), to be one of melodic rock’s more creative 6-string geniuses.

The Songs

The Stone Fury debut ‘Burns Like A Star’ has been unfairly compared by critics to Led Zeppelin (lazy critics who can’t see past Lenny’s voice obviously). Only in very few moments does it sound like Zep, the rest is a credible melodic rock workout which many of you should investigate further.

Tracks like ‘Break Down The Walls’ and the fantastic ‘Don’t Tell Me Why’ (which could be China Sky) are exceptional, and sound nothing like Zep. ‘I Hate To Sleep Alone’ is typical 80’s LAHM, and moves along at a good clip, followed by the mid-tempo balladry of ‘Life Is Too Lonely’.

The title track ‘Burns Like A Star’ is an extended workout with lots of shimmering guitarwork from Gowdy. ‘Tease’ for a comparison could be Kingdom Come albeit a few years earlier, while ‘Mamas Love’ is the closest we get to Zep, yes the Plant comparison is spot-on here!

In Summary

Lenny and Bruce’s follow up ‘Let Them Talk’ (1986) was a disappointment, for which Lenny, the producer Richard Landis, and the label clashed. Lenny said that Landis had no idea about him, his music, or what he was trying to achieve creatively. As a consequence, the material did not have Wolf’s enthusiasm, and the band folded after this.

Wolf reappeared the following year with Kingdom Come, who by 1988, had gone big-time. Another band which I loved, but again, the critics panned him for aping Zep to a tee. He must have done something right, as the album sold extremely well. Gowdy meanwhile moved onto stints with World Trade, and then Unruly Child.


Break Down The Walls

Stone Fury - Break Down The Wall HQ

Life Is Too Lonely
Stone Fury - Life Is Too Lonely HQ

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