Jefferson Starship - Nuclear Furniture

Jefferson Starship – Nuclear Furniture


On this album ‘Nuclear Furniture’, there’s no confusion whatsoever. A wonderful album, Jefferson Starship recreating the genius last seen on 1979’s ‘Freedom At Point Zero’ some five years previous.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Jefferson Starship
ALBUM: Nuclear Furniture
LABEL: Grunt (USA), RCA Japan
YEAR: 1984
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Mickey Thomas – vocals * Grace Slick – vocals * Paul Kantner – rhythm guitars, vocals * Craig Chaquico – lead guitars * Pete Sears – bass, keyboards * David Freiberg – bass, keyboards * Donnie Baldwin – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Layin’ It On The Line * 02 No Way Out * 03 Sorry Me Sorry You * 04 Live And Let Live * 05 Connection * 06 Rose Goes To Yale * 07 Magician * 08 Assasin * 09 Shining In The Moonlight * 10 Showdown * 11 Champion



Through the ever evolving turnstile that is Jefferson Starship personnel changes, comes a moment in time where the band truly lift off in stellar fashion. At certain points in their career, the band had created albums which were utterly brilliant, while creating some which left the listener somewhat confused.

On this album ‘Nuclear Furniture’, there’s no confusion whatsoever. A wonderful album, Jefferson Starship recreating the genius last seen on 1979’s ‘Freedom At Point Zero’ some five years previous. The lineup hadn’t changed a great deal since then, only Donnie Baldwin had come in, replacing Aynsley Dunbar on drums.

The Songs

You gotta love the clever liner notes on this one. Everything’s a ‘chair’ as you will see on the inside cover. Very cool! The theme is inwardly aimed at the Nuclear Arms Race, with many of the songs pitched toward it in protest.

As for the music, well it wasn’t difficult to see how the band moved into phase III of their career, that being a more radio/AOR oriented direction, for which ‘Nuclear Furniture’ started the ball rolling. It culminated in the follow-up ‘Knee Deep In The Hoopla’ a year later, which was a massive hit album for them.

To some degree, Ron Nevison’s production really got the best out of the band, and there’s a certain hint of Survivor in the mix, especially the bass and drums! Some excellent signature Starship tunes onboard here, none more so than the opening trio, which are out and out classics.

‘Layin’ It On The Line’, the broody ‘No Way Out’ (who can forget that chorus, ‘No Way Out’ .. she doesn’t buy my story..), followed up by the relentless urgency of ‘Sorry Me Sorry You’. ‘Live And Let Live’ is another broody piece with synth layers to match. ‘Shining In The Moonlight’ is another upbeat rocker where Chaquico’s guitar gets a workout.

The tracks where Paul Kantner has input are the quirky ones, continuing his offbeat lyrical style as represented on songs such as ‘Rose Goes To Yale’, the anthemic ‘Champion’, and ‘Connection’. Perhaps the odd track is ‘Magician’ which was more of an indicator as to what would appear on their next album..

In Summary

You’d have to say that this is another great Starship album to add to the collection, along with all of their late 80’s releases. Just for the first three songs alone. Unfortunately there was an aftermath to the release of this album.

Paul Kantner packed up his bags and left the fold, taking the remaining members to court to try and get them to fold the band or drop the band name, which he owned. In March 1985 the band settled with Kantner, and moved on under the name Starship, and thus began their most successful phase, all without Kantner of course. Boy, I bet he was pissed!


Layin’ It On The Line

Jefferson Starship - Layin' It On The Line (Official Music Video)

No Way Out
Jefferson Starship - No Way Out (Official Music Video)

Sorry Me Sorry You
Sorry Me, Sorry You

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