Runner - Runner EP

Runner (USA) – Runner (EP)


Californian band Runner – while short on content delivers the goods and won’t disappoint.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Runner (USA)
ALBUM: Runner (EP)
LABEL: Prologue Records
YEAR: 1984
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: Kenny Jackson – vocals, bass * Russell Barkley – keyboards, vocals * Tony Rincon – guitars, vocals * Dean Finmark – drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Here It Comes Again * 02 Hold On To Lose * 03 Maybe I’m Right * 04 It Should Be Easier



Not to be confused with the British Runner who released a classic album in 1979 or the Aussie pop band Runners who I’ve never heard but reportedly are quite good, this outfit appears to have called sunny southern California home.

This is purely based on the outside sleeve notes of course since I can’t find much else about these boys who apparently never got around to a full album, opting for an EP to showcase their talents.

The Songs

Released at a time when independent AOR releases seemed to drop from the sky on a monthly basis, this one hit the ground unscathed from the typical bar band rock of the day. Produced by Laurin Rinder, previously known for his involvement in the late 70’s disco scene; ‘Here It Comes Again’ sounds a lot like solo Tommy Shaw with flashy guitar provided by Tony Rincon who pretty much steals the show throughout.

The pumping melody of ‘Hold On To Lose’ brings to mind bands like Preview and Shelter while the second side slows down the tempo with ‘Maybe I’m Right’ recalling Cheap Trick‘s early attempts at balladry. ‘It Could Be Easier’ is the weaker of the foursome, but still delivers an undeniable hook and catchy chorus from a band that had potential but for some reason never reached the proverbial finish line.

In Summary

I’ve always been leery of indie albums which tend to receive high wattage hype for little if any reason other than looking or sounding vaguely AOR, but this is definitely one to seek out. Runner while short on content delivers the goods and won’t disappoint.


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Runner (USA) - Runner (Full EP 1984)

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1 thought on “Runner (USA) – Runner (EP)

  1. [RichardB] This is a very classy release indeed and one of the best AOR indies I’ve heard over the years. It’s funny you mention the Tommy Shaw comparison on ‘Here It Comes Again’ Eric – I thought the same thing too. An explosive start straight out of the blocks (sorry couldn’t resist a running analogy!). Tony Rincon does indeed supply some tasty fretboard action throughout ensuring this album is not a complete wimp out.

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