Malice - Crazy In The Night (EP)

Malice – Crazy In The Night (EP)


By 1989, Los Angeles metallers Malice were left hanging out to dry after their contract with Atlantic Records had run its course, but they managed to sign with Metal Blade for the release of this 4 track EP.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Malice
ALBUM: Crazy In The Night (EP)’
LABEL: Metal Blade
SERIAL: 7 73414-2
YEAR: 1989
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: James Neal – vocals * Jay Reynolds, Mick Zane – guitars * Mark Behn – bass * Cliff Carrothers – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Captive Of Light * 02 Vice Versa * 03 Crazy In The Night * 04 Death Or Glory



By 1989, Los Angeles metallers Malice were left hanging out to dry after their contract with Atlantic Records had run its course after two albums (‘In The Beginning’ and ‘License To Kill’). Malice did make an appearance on film in the 1988 movie ‘Vice Versa’, and by 1989 had signed to Metal Blade/Roadrunner for the release of this 4 Track EP ‘Crazy In The Night’.

Interestingly, each of the four tracks were produced separately. The band produced one track themselves, bought in Paul Sabu who co-produced the second, Canadian Stacey Heydon (Sheriff) produced the third while Michael Wagner did the fourth.

The Songs

‘Captive Of Light’ is a throw back to all those early contenders on the Metal Blade roster from years gone by. It’s very raw and played without a lot of finesse. ‘Vice Versa’ was the co-write with Paul Sabu, who judging by the audio also sings on this. The overall sound is very slick, much like their Atlantic material.

‘Crazy In The Night’ is probably the weakest track here. Don’t get me wrong, the guitars are still there but they are so pushed back in the mix that they become ineffective. Nor sure what Stacey Heydon was doing here. ‘Death Or Glory’ is a return to the Malice of old, just like a Judas Priest doppelganger and with Michael Wagener’s production, this is how I prefer to remember the band. Super!

In Summary

By this stage, it was the roll of the dice for this incarnation of the band, eventually disbanding at this point. Zane and Behn would hook up for the mid 90’s band Monster with Mark Isom and Pete Holmes. They released one album for Long Island Records. Malice though, would reform in 2012 with the lineup of Zane, Reynolds, Behn, Holmes plus singer James Rivera and bassist Robert Cardenas who played on several songs while Behn played on the others.


Death Or Glory

Malice Death or Glory USA

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