Peter Frampton - When All The Pieces Fit

Peter Frampton – When All The Pieces Fit

88 / 100

Peter Frampton really has delivered a collection of good LP’s during the 80’s. ‘Breakin’ All The Rules’, ‘The Art Of Control’, ‘Premonition’ and this one of course, all prove that melody runs rife through this former Humble Pie alumni.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Peter Frampton
ALBUM: When All The Pieces Fit
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: 7 82030-2
YEAR: 1989
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Peter Frampton – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, synths, sequencing, drum programming

Additional Musicians: B.A Robertson – guitars, vocals * Chris Lord Alge – synthesizer * Nathan East, John Regan – bass * Lenny Castro – percussion * John ‘J.R’ Robinson, Steve Ferrone – drums * Joe Dworkow – drum programming * Sam Riney – saxophone * Danny Wilde, Rick Willis, Jean McLain, Mark Williamson, Alfie Silas – backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 More Ways Than One * 02 Holding On To You * 03 My Heart Goes Out To You * 04 Hold Tight * 05 People All Over The World * 06 Back To The Start * 07 Mind Over Matter * 08 Now And Again * 09 Hard Earned Love * 10 This Time Around



I remember buying the LP of this back in the day, and remarked at the time how good this was. Admittedly, I wasn’t a great collector of Frampton’s works (goodness, I don’t even own a copy of ‘Frampton Comes Alive’!!), but I saw his name associated in the AOR genre, I thought it was time to investigate.

Peter Frampton really has delivered a collection of good LP’s during the 80’s. ‘Breakin’ All The Rules’, ‘The Art Of Control’, ‘Premonition’ and this one of course, all prove that melody runs rife through this former Humble Pie alumni, and when lined up with a studio assembly as named above, then the result is bound to turn out good, and so it proves.

Most of these songs were tried out first in Peter’s home studios, and dolled up for the album in Los Angeles. It was Frampton’s second album for Atlantic after his long and distinguished career with A&M, and the lessons learned from the ‘Premonition’ sessions would be bought into these sessions.

The Songs

I have to admit, 1989 was an excellent year for melodic rock, and as repeated in other reviews elsewhere on this site, I believe it to be the last great year of AOR and hard rock in general. Why that was, I have no idea. Certainly, the shadow of grunge was nowhere to be seen, audio and video mediums were strong, and musical ideas and production values were high. Frampton with his work on ‘When All The Pieces Fit’

Frampton proves that reasoning beyond doubt. The album is encased in great songs. There’s not a dud here to be honest. From the cranky kick ass rock of ‘Hold Tight’, or the swelvt tones of ‘Holding On To You’ with that familiar chorus ‘I won’t be letting go, I just started to hold on harder to you’.. Elsewhere, the album is pock marked with tremendous songs.

The opener ‘More Ways Than One’, the Bryan Adams like ‘Back To The Start’, the big drum bashing of ‘Mind Over Matter’, the high-flying acoustic melodies of ‘Now And Again’, all great stuff.

In Summary

The only song to find a modicum of success was ‘Holding On To You’ which according to Wikipedia made it to #27 on the hot mainstream rock charts (a Billboard derived ranking) during 1989.

It would prove to be the last of Frampton’s albums for Atlantic, he would next find a home at Relativity Records for his self titled album from 1994. Still a going concern, Peter Frampton has a vast array of recordings, for those into the melodic rock side of things, all of his 80’s albums are worthy of consideration. Check them out!


More Ways Than One

Peter Frampton - More Ways Than One (Official Music Video)

Holding On To You
Peter Frampton - Holding On To You

Back To The Start
Back To The Start

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