Khymera - Master Of Illusions

Khymera – Master Of Illusions

81 / 100

Khymers’s ‘Masters Of Illusion’ is a good album, but ‘The Grestest Wonder’, and ‘The Grand Design’ are exceptional, with ‘A New Promise’ not far behind. As they say, good but not great.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Khymera
ALBUM: Master Of Illusions
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2020

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Germany Flag Usa Flag England Flag

LINEUP: Dennis Ward – lead vocals, bass * Michael Klein – guitars * Eric Ragno – keyboards * Pete Newdeck – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Walk Away * 02 The First Time * 03 Master Of Illusions * 04 The Sun Goes Down * 05 Paradise * 06 The Rhythm Of My Life * 07 Follow The Sun * 08 Father To Son * 09 After All This Time * 10 Victim Of Your Love * 11 Just Let It Happen

RATING: Score=80%


Khymera is a band that has found favour with Glory Daze readers going back to the early noughties, when they first landed in 2003. Their line-up then is vastly different to what it is now, the original leader Italian keyboardist Daniel Liverani having moved on some years ago.

In 2005, Dennis Ward joined as a vocalist, and to this day holds the fort for this melodic rock centered band. Their keyboard-synth heavy style remains now that Eric Ragno has taken over the mantle since coming on board in 2008.

Khymera has spaced their albums out quite a bit, ‘The Grand Design’ appearing in late 2015, prior to that ‘The Greatest Wonder’ drooped in early 2008. So two albums (now three) over twelve years is a bit of a span. The core of Ward, Klein and Ragno keep up appearances regardless, and ‘Masters Of Illusions’ will lose no friends, if the last two albums are anything to go by. Most fans will be asking Dennis – what took you so long?

The Songs

Khymera deliver music that attracts me like a bee to honey. Nothing has changed in that regard over the decades, and with eleven new songs in the can, we can assess these with the trusty Glory Daze ruler.

‘Walk Away’ and ‘The First Time’ were the first two songs featured on YouTube (see below), and that’s probably why they are at the top of the order. Both are fast natured, with a hint ofHarem Scarem in the structure, though a touch more keyboards than Harry and Peter’s mob.

Everyone brings their A-Game to the title track, ‘Masters Of Illusion’, it fuses many references from the 80’s, I’m sure you can pick the eyes out of it without me having to. ‘The Sun Goes Down’ is notable for its commercial chorus while by contrast the one on ‘Paradise’ was equally catchy, but the overall arrangement was not as good as its predecessor.

‘The Rhythm Of My Life’ was more of straight-ahead rocker in the mould of Harem Scarem once more. ‘Follow The Sun’ rides along a smooth mono rail of melody, and its uncanny how the following track ‘Father To Son’ has a song-title which could’ve been inter changeable. Try singing the chorus and change the song-title.

‘After All This Time’ is a story of love lost and one where the protagonist has a hard time letting go. Don’t let it kill ya loser.. Lol. ‘Victim Of Your Love’ is the raciest track here, and chugs along nicely, the album concludes with the mellow ‘Just Let It Happen’ with a stand-out chorus.

In Summary

Khymera are five albums in, and if I were to rank this one, then it would be in the bottom two. Albums 3, 4, 2 then a competition between album 5 (this one) and the debut. ‘Masters Of Illusion’ is a good album, but ‘The Grestest Wonder’, ‘The Grand Design’ are exceptional, with ‘A New Promise’ not far behind. As they say, good but not great.


Walk Away

Khymera - Walk Away (Lyric Video)

The First Time
Khymera - "The First Time" (Official Audio)

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