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Saraya is the band name of singer Sandi Saraya, that started life off as the duo Alsace Lorraine which was Sandi and Gregg Munier, this was back in 1987.

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ARTIST: Saraya
ALBUM: Saraya
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: 837 764-2
YEAR: 1989
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Sandi Saraya – lead vocals * Tony Rey – guitars * Gregg Munier – keyboards * Gary Taylor – bass * Chuvk Bonfante – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Love Has Taken Its Toll * 02 Healing Touch * 03 Get U Ready * 04 Gypsy Child * 05 One Night Away * 06 Alsace Lorraine * 07 Runnin’ Out Of Time * 08 Back To The Bullet * 09 Fire To Burn * 10 Saint Christopher’s Medal * 11 Drop The Bomb



Saraya is the band name of singer Sandi Saraya, that started life off as the duo Alsace Lorraine which was Sandi and Gregg Munier. This was back in 1987.

The pair moved to Los Angeles for a short stint to break out of their New Jersey bubble and into the L.A bubble instead. The road to fame and fortune returned them to New Jersey where they eventually hooked up with Tony Rey (who played on the first Danger Danger album), plus the rhythm section of Gary Taylor and Chuck Bonfante.

Soon to be in possession of a record contract, the now five-piece changed their name to Saraya at Polydor’s insistence. This was to promote the band with a female focal point, similar to Lorraine Lewis and Femme Fatale, Fiona Flanagan and Lita Ford. The resulting album was released in August 1989.

The Songs

The album was full of highlights, but the three strongest tracks are the ones I have posted below as videos. ‘Love Has Taken It’s Toll’ the awesome ‘Healing Touch’ (perhaps my favourite track off the slbum) and the very melodic and appealing ‘Back To The Bullet’. On some of the other tracks, the band kick out into heavier territory with a strong organ presence courtesy of Gregg Munier.

Tunes such as ‘Get U Ready’ is more of bluesy number, while ‘One Night Away’ and ‘Running Out Of Time’ are fast paced with organ lines quite prominent. ‘Gypsy Child’ and ‘St Christopher’s Medal’ are perhaps the most melodic pair while the duo of ‘Fire To Burn’ and the (excuse the pun) bombastic ‘Drop The Bomb’ offer the listener a glimpse of their future direction towards heavier climes by the time their second album would arrive.

In Summary

The band would go out on the road in 1989 supporting the album, and even made it over to the UK sharing the stage with British band FM. The band returned in 1991 with their second album ‘When The Blackbird Sings’ albeit with an adjusted lineup due to the departure of bassist Gary Taylor, and an overall heavier sound. I think most would agree that ‘.. Blackbird’ was an exceptional album.

This album has seen notable reissues in recent years with Bad Reputation (2010) and Yesterrock (also in 2010). Universal Music Japan also put out a 2022 reissue, so there probably isn’t a need for Rock Candy to jump on board just yet, but you never know with the way that their catalog is put together. Good band, check them out if you haven’t done so already.


Love Has Taken Its Toll

Saraya - Love Has Taken Its Toll (HQ)

Healing Touch
Saraya - Healing Touch ♫

Back To The Bullet
Saraya - Back to the bullet

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