Lee Aaron - Emotional Rain

Lee Aaron – Emotional Rain

83 / 100

Lee Aaron’s ‘Emotional Rain’ is a reasonable listen, though from this point on, the Canadian chanteuse would move in different musical circles until her return to the ‘rock’ fold from 2015 onwards.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Lee Aaron
ALBUM: Emotional Rain
SERIAL: 78871 7000-2
YEAR: 1994
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Lee Aaron – lead and backing vocals, mixing, executive production * John Albani – guitar, mixing, production * Knox Chandler, Reeves Gabrels, Don Harrison – guitar (tracks 13-14) * Don Binns – bass * Don Short – drums * Daniel Mansilla – additional percussion * Kim Deschamp – mandolin * Billy Newton-Davis, Mischke – backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Odds Of Love * 02 Baby Go Round * 03 Fire In Your Flame * 04 Waterfall * 05 Inside * 06 Raggedy Jane * 07 Soul In Motion * 08 Emotional Rain * 09 Judgement Day * 10 Heaven * 11 Cry * 12 Had Enough

European Edition Bonus Tracks: 13 Concrete & Ice * 14 Strange Alice



I review this in 2018, just as Lee Aaron’s latest album ‘Diamond Baby Blues’ hits the market in late April. It’s interesting over the course of Lee’s career. Even though she’s better known within hard rock/metal circles, she has ventured into different territories, particularly during the 90’s and 2000’s. Probably more out of necessity and (the then) current trends, especially during that aforementioned timeframe where she reimaged herself as a jazz singer, with pretty good results it must be said. I like the fact that she was prepared to take risks, and came out the other side all the better.

I would throw her 1994 album ‘Emotional Rain’ into that risk-taking category. When looking back at 1994, there were some decent albums released, but mostly it wasn’t a great year, as I’ve opined often here at GDM. One of the reasons I threw the virtual pen at this album? Sure, it was the last set of songs written by Lee and then musical cohort John Albani. The material upon closer inspection does hold up, surprisingly well in fact, considering the grunge scene going on all around the world

The Songs

Admittedly, there are no real racy guitar parts from John, as we remember him by through his time with Wrabit and the mid 80’s era of Lee’s discography. ‘Odds Of Love’ is a boisterous number I’ll readily admit, and gets things off with a bang, so too the bump and grind of ‘Baby Go Round’. The jangly and moody ‘Fire In Your Flame’ reminds of a song called ‘I Can’t Get Over You’, but damned if I can remember who sang it. ‘Waterfall’ is a cool pulsing track, it doesn’t sound like a tune from 1994, Nice.

So too the acoustic ‘Raggedy Jane’, which flows along nicely. ‘Soul In Motion’ is my album highlight, a stirring uptempo number with energy to boot. ‘Judgement Day’ comes over like a tough Honeymoon Suite tune, while the ballad ‘Heaven’ is really good, though mellow, but Lee’s voice is well suited to this stuff. ‘Cry’ features the mandolin for something a little different. It’s a restrained ballad initially but kicks into higher gears as it goes on. ‘Had Enough’ finishes up as a fluid 90’s rocker, featuring those all too familiar over-produced bass lines prevalent from the era.

In Summary

None of the songs on the album outstay their welcome, all within the 4-5 minute mark. Lee Aaron’s ‘Emotional Rain’ is a reasonable listen, though from this point on, the Canadian chanteuse would move in different musical circles until her return to the ‘rock’ fold from 2015 onwards.


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