Steamtrain - On The Move

Steamtrain – On The Move


Steamtrain were a shortlived seven-piece from Switzerland that came and went during 1994 with little fanfare.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Steamtrain
ALBUM: On The Move
SERIAL: 476805 2
YEAR: 1994
CD INFO: Discogs Info

LINEUP: Juerg Eichmann – vocals, keyboards * Helen Pringle, Uschi Sumi – vocals * Michel Koch, Zlatko Perica – guitars * Roland Zumi – bass * Laurent Wirz – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams * 02 Give A Little Love * 03 Rumours In The Air * 04 Rainy Days * 05 Grandpa’s Chair * 06 Forever Tonight * 07 Home Sweet Home * 08 Spread Your Wings * 09 Intergalactic Puke * 10 Summerwinds



Steamtrain were a shortlived seven-piece from Switzerland that came and went during 1994 with little fanfare. The band’s most notable members were lead singer and keyboardist Juerg Eichmann, who also goes by the stage name Jay Miles, releasing a decent solo album in 2005 for MTM Music called ‘9 Hours’. Guitarist Michel Koch was previously with Atlantis Airport, a band we’ve featured here in our 1992 archive.

Soundwise, Steamtrain come off like the Swiss version of Nine-T-Nine, the German band who stunned us all in 2009 with their super ‘Keep The Flame Alive’ album. That’s because Steamtrain feature a prominent female backing vocalist much like their German counterparts do, plus there is the inclusion of the occasional saxophone burst here and there. German band Lakehurst are another comparison.

The Songs

Steamtrain’s songs do tend to fluctuate a bit, my observation tends to agree that when they ramp things up it all gets very interesting, though their quieter tunes are also decent because the production is very good, especially the crisp drum work.

Standout tracks include the opening pair of ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Give A Little Love’, while the surprise is the rollicking ‘Rainy Day’, a tough sounding rocker. ‘Home Sweet Home’ also appeals but the killer track by far is the oddly named instrumental ‘Intergalactic Puke’, check out the amazing bass work from Roland Zumi and the stellar dual lead guitar work from Koch and Perica.

In Summary

The song ‘Give A Little Love’ was released as a single but beyond that Steamtrain didn’t get very far down the railway line. 1994 wasn’t a great year for melodic rock but kudos to the band for scoring a deal with Epic Records. Not many other headlining acts around the world could say the same.

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