BFD were a New York band that features some of the hottest players in the Big Apple, combining a slinky brand of blues, jazz and classic rock.

Written by: gdmonline

LABEL: Iguana Records
SERIAL: none
YEAR: 1994
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Joe Caro – vocals, guitars, production * Will Lee – bass, vocals * Chris Palmaro – keyboards, programming, vocals * Steve Ferrone – drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire * 02 You Are The One * 03 Irresistible Odds * 04 In The Name Of God * 05 Lies * 06 Is It Safe Yet? * 07 Big Air * 08 May This Be Love * 09 Without You * 10 The Happy Blues * 11 Get The Nut (On Time)



I bought this rare CD back in the mid 90’s for a tuppence, it was seen in a second hand store, and back in 1995, details about albums such as this was hard to come by. Thank god for the Internet. Even still, there are albums like this with scant detail online, so it’s left to a handful of sites (ourselves included) to flesh out more information.

BFD were a New York band that features some of the hottest players in the Big Apple, combining a slinky brand of blues, jazz and classic rock. Joe Caro and Will Lee some may remember from David Letterman’s house band, but their CV’s extend way beyond that. Englishman Steve Ferrone has a vast resume, think Average White Band and Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, while keyboardist Chris Palmaro is another well-known face in the NYC scene particularly in the jingle and advertising industry.

This lot specialise in that groovy urban sound, and from what I have read elsewhere, BFD performed live often, and hooked up with many special guests on occasion, including Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, Pat Metheny, The Brecker Brothers and Felix Cavaliere of the Young Rascals.

The Songs

There are a variety of shades throughout the album. It covers numerous genres thanks to the collective experience of all four contributing musicians, but if I were to try and pigeon-hole it from a GDM perspective, I would throw names into the ring like Toy Matinee, Bourgeois Tagg, but really, that would only be a start.

‘Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire’ is the coolest opening track, and that arrangement is something I’ve heard previously, either from The Tubes or Fee Waybill‘s solo career. For something lighter,’ You Are The One’ fits the bill perfectly, sort of like Jason Scheff era Chicago.

‘Irresistible Odds’ could be a track played by a myriad of our favourite artists such is its appeal, and then there is ‘In The Name Of God’ which is definitely urban 90’s in style. ‘Lies’ is another cooler than a cucumber tune, groovy as heck and slightly oddball too. ‘Is It Safe Yet?’ changes the complexion of the album, with poignant piano and an atmospheric layer giving it a late night vibe. It is instrumental too btw. It’s followed by the smooth ride that is ‘Big Air’, play this while riding in a hot air balloon.

‘May This Be Love’ is a jangly affair mostly, it doesn’t quite break out, unlike the punchy ‘Without You’, a tune that describes what it is you can forego in life and what you can’t live without. For me, the latter would be coffee. ‘The Happy Blues’ is the album’s second instrumental, a five minute jam, the 11 track set finishing up with the 8 minute ‘Get The Nut (On Time)’, a track which rolls through with brass instruments popping up during the runtime.

In Summary

A variable album of music befitting these four talented musicians. It’s not strictly rock as you can read from the review above, but it does check the box of several genres that sit either side of it. One for the musical connoisseur among you.


You Are The One

BFD - You Are The One

Get The Nut (On Time)
BFD - Get The Nut (On Time)

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