Gotthard - Dial Hard

Gotthard – Dial Hard

89 / 100

‘Dial Hard’ is the second full-studio album from Swiss maestros Gotthard, featuring the late – and sorely missed Steve Lee.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Gotthard
ALBUM: Dial Hard
SERIAL: 7432 118054 2
YEAR: 1994
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Steve Lee – vocals * Leo Leoni – guitars, vocals * Marc Lynn – bass * Hena Habegger – drums

Additional Musicians: Pat Regan – keyboards * Steve Bishop – lead guitar (#9 & #11) * Steve Bailey – bass (#9 & #11)

TRACK LISTING:01 Higher * 02 Mountain Mama * 03 Here Comes The Heat * 04 She Goes Down * 05 I’m Your Travelin’ Man * 06 Love For Mama * 07 Get It While You Can * 08 Come Together * 09 Dirty Devil Rock *10 Open Fire * 11 I’m On My Way



I’m finding some time trawling through the year 1994, and I came upon this beauty which has yet to be written up: until now. ‘Dial Hard’ is the second full-studio album from Swiss maestros Gotthard, featuring the late – and sorely missed Steve Lee.

The early 90’s was a great period for this band, and they released many albums and EP’s during this time frame. ‘Dial Hard’ would have to be one of their best though, during an era where they concentrated on their strengths and without little interference.

The Songs

Once you get past the intro backward masking effect, ‘Higher’ does indeed take you higher. It’s euro-metal of the highest order, and a fantastic way to kick off. ‘Mountain Mama’ keeps it dense and tight for a bluesy rocker with vocoder effects and slinky guitar solos.

Things get fast and furious on ‘Here Comes The Heat’. Wow these boys know how to turn it up. ‘She Goes Down’ shakes in an AC/DC (or is it Krokus?) style, a growly guitar riff fit for headbangers. Cobra fans will recognise ‘I’m Your Travelin’ Man’, a track sourced from their one-off LP ‘First Strike’. Swiss guitarist Mandy Meyer who played in Gotthard further on in their career helped get this onto ‘Dial Hard’.

‘Love For Money’ sounds like it nicked a few ideas off Billy Squier‘s ‘The Stroke’, especially that chorus. Still, Steve Lee is on fire here. ‘Get It While You Can’ could’ve been a Steelheart track judging by the sound of it. Lee must’ve listened to Mike Matejevic or perhaps David Coverdale for inspiration.

‘Come Together’ is a cover of The Beatles chestnut, though in an altogether (as expected) different style, as in heavy metal. Gotthard are back into the groove thanks to the riff-tastic ‘Dirty Devil Rock’, when it’s this simple it’s this good. ‘Open Fire’ continues the gung-ho approach, while the closing ‘I’m On My Way’ is a lovely mellow tune to finish things up.

In Summary

‘Dial Hard’ proved popular in their native Switzerland, and the band cut through the dire years of the mid 90’s as if grunge never even existed. Gotthard returned for more of the same in 1996 with their third album ‘G’, and consolidated their place as one of the best hard rock bands going around.

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