Eloy - Destination

Eloy – Destination

90 / 100

By 1992 the Eloy template had not been lost, and it was time to bring the car out of the garage for another run through the prog music fan’s consciousness.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Destination
SERIAL: SPV 084-48082
YEAR: 1992
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Frank Bornemann – vocals, guitar * Michael Gerlach – keyboards

Additional Musicians: Nico Baretta – drums * Klaus-Peter Matziol, Detlev Goy – bass * Helge Engelke – bass, acoustic guitar, solo-guitar * Kai Steffen – solo-guitar * Lenny McDowell – flute * Peter Chrastina – classical choir conductor and arranging

TRACK LISTING: 01 Call Of The Wild * 02 Racing Shadows * 03 Destination * 04 Prisoner In Mind * 05 Silent Revolution * 06 Fire And Ice * 07 Eclipse of Mankind * 08 Jeanne d’Arc



During the mid-late 80’s, German prog rock band Eloy seemed to operate to the tune of fours. In the space of twelve years, the band released one album every four years starting with 1984’s ‘Metromania’, to 1988’s ‘Ra’ and then onto this one: 1992’s ‘Destination’. Numerically, the band had reverted to a new number: the number two, featuring Frank Bornemann and Michael Gerlach.

This was the duo’s second outing (there’s that number again!), and the pair bought in some outside assistance to fill out the sound. Making use of modern technology, it was time for Eloy to fully embrace the explosion of digital technology that snowballed the electronics and synthesis industry during the time the band had off at the end of the 80’s decade. Still, the Eloy template had not been lost, and it was time to bring the car out of the garage for another run through the prog music fan’s consciousness.

The Songs

Eloy venture down the Jethro Tull path with the flute-laden ‘Call Of The Wild’. The tempo is a regimented one, with the sounds of the night-time jungle starting and ending the song. ‘Racing Shadows’ is an apt title, bringing together the lean and linear sounds of 1980’s era Rush along with the keyboard backdrop of Saga. It’s quite a big sounding track I might add.

Title track ‘Destination’ is filled to the brim with percussion and sound effects. It could be anything from Genesis to Strange Advance, or even Eloy themselves from a decade earlier! ‘Prisoner In Mind’ is one of the album’s shorter tracks at 4 and half minutes, and is a mix of commercially accessible prog rock and Yes circa ‘90125’ prog. I like it!

The running time is extended by double for ‘Silent Revolution’, and it’s here where Eloy hit their straps. Wonderfully paced melodic prog with a flair for the dramatic. From ethereal synths to a hard hitting intensity at the 50 sec mark. The tempo is relentless just about all the way through, the drum work from Nico Baretta never lets up while Kai Steffen delivers a cracking guitar solo.

‘Fire And Ice’ is a very melodic piece that gets highly strung toward the end thanks to Fair Warning‘s Helge Engelke and his familiar guitar solo style a la Uli Jon Roth. ‘Eclipse Of Mankind’ is a slower more sombre track with a Pink Floyd feel, while the epic like ‘Jeanne D’Arc’ has many classical elements including a choir that really could be Dutchies Kayak on any other occasion.

In Summary

Bornemann and Gerlach kept busy during this period, spending the next two years re-recording material from some of Eloy’s earlier albums, which Bornemann claimed were poorly produced. So, doing some of those great songs from the past does them some justice, ‘Chronicles 1’ and ‘Chronicles 2’ were released in 1993 and 1994 respectively. There’s a vast treasure trove of albums to be explored with this band, so spend your money wisely.

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