Paul Janz - Trust

Paul Janz – Trust

89 / 100

‘Trust’ contains a mix of reliable well produced tunes, which farewells Paul Janz off from the land of melodies and harmonies, to that of philosophical studies within Academia.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Paul Janz
ALBUM: Trust
LABEL: Attic
YEAR: 1992
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Paul Janz – vocals, piano, synths, machine drums * Miles Hill – bass * Tim McKenzie – guitars * Michael Root – drums * Tom Colclough – sax

Guests: Pat Wright & Total Experience Gospel – backing choir vocals ‘Amazon Rain’ * Larry Nickel an MEI Vocal Jazz – backing vocals ‘Praying’ * Joanni Taylor, Pat Wright, Dee Daniels – backing vocals ‘Amazon Rain’, ‘Take Me Back’, ‘King Pin Kool’ * Colin Janz, Kelsey Janz – backing vocals ‘Calling My Personal Angel’

TRACK LISTING: 01 Working For My Baby * 02 Calling My Personal Angel * 03 King Pin Kool * 04 Wind Me Up * 05 Prince Of Pain, King Of Fools * 06 You’re Never Alone * 07 Take Me Back * 08 Amazon Rain * 09 Always *10 Get Arrested * 11 Light A Candle In Your Heart * 12 Praying


It was about this stage that I was just getting into Paul Janz’s music, that he was about ready to leave the music industry. It was 1992, and Attic Records had this CD out in the market (not that you would’ve known due to the low-level marketing campaign), plus Paul’s previous label A&M put out the ‘Presence – A Collection Of Hit Singles’ CD the same year. Talk about competing agendas!

Not that it cared a lot to Janz who was ready to step away on his first foray into eventually completing a Doctorate in Philosophical Theology. As a foray into his final studio album ‘Trust’, let’s see how it competes with his previous work.

The Songs

Stacked Capella like vocals introduce ‘Workin’ For My Baby’, coming out like an urban styled R&B/pop rock crossover. The big chants are straight out of the alley. We’re back into Janz Central with the lush ‘Calling My Personal Angel’. It has much similarity to stuff found on ‘Electricity’ and ‘Renegade Romantic’, though a touch more laid-back.

‘King Pin Kool’ could’ve been an excerpt from a Zappacosta album. Yep, it’s that similar! When we listen to ‘Wind Me Up’, it reminds me of why I got hooked on PJ’s music all those years ago. The ballad ‘Prince Of Pain, King Of Fools’ continues Janz’s run of lush and radio friendly ballads. A second ballad immediately follows. ‘You’re Never Alone’ is more intimate and personal.

‘Amazon Rain’ is incredibly lush, synth layers everywhere. The gospel choir adds some flavour, the song coming off like a cross between Mark Williamson and Marc Jordan. ‘Always’ keeps an understated presence, but there’s no doubt the chorus is gorgeous, plus the stinging Dann Huff like guitar lines when they come into focus. A neat little song.

Things get interesting for the AOR sonics of ‘Get Arrested’. If Janz wants to go out in a blaze of glory, then this is probably the song to do it. The last two songs ease off the accelerator. ‘Light A Candle In Your Heart’ is a mostly piano ballad. ‘Praying’ is a mostly vocal effort with sax for accompaniment.

In Summary

‘Trust’ contains a mix of reliable well produced tunes, which farewells Paul Janz off from the land of melodies and harmonies, to that of philosophical studies within Academia. As at the time of writing, Paul is currently living and teaching in London, faraway from the realms of AOR and melodic rock.

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