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LeCompt was the Philadelphia based band formed by ex Tangier lead singer Mike LeCompt (aka LeCompte).

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: LeCompt
LABEL: Quarry Records
SERIAL: 317325
YEAR: 1992
CD INFO: Discogs Info

LINEUP: Mike LeCompt – vocals, guitars, keyboards * Rick Criniti – guitars, backing vocals * Billy Childs – bass, backing vocals * Ritchie De Carlo – drums

Additional Musicians: Dave Barlo – keyboards * Doug Gordon – lead guitar solo spots * Tony Santoro – rhythm guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 All The Days Gone By * 02 Here Comes Trouble * 03 Gypsy Heart * 04 Love Is Lethal * 05 Walkin’ Away * 06 S.S.C.P.



This is the Philadelphia based band formed by ex Tangier lead singer Mike LeCompt (aka LeCompte). Membership of this band also comprised of personnel from other top level Philly bands such as Britny Fox (Billy Childs) and Blackeyed Susan (Rick Criniti), both bands having dissolved by 1991/1992.

The Songs

For this album, the band deliver six tracks on Mike LeCompt’s own Quarry Records. The album has a whiff of southern rock about it which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tangier record. Opening with ‘All The Days Gone By’, a riff happy tune that is propelled by an uptempo rhythm section. ‘Here Comes Trouble’ is where it all comes to roost, the mouth harp very prominent throughout.

‘Gypsy Heart’ takes on a Guns N Roses persona though far more melodic and palatable. ‘Love Is Lethal’ rollicks with a typical 80’s swagger, the sort of tune many GDM readers will have heard over the decades. For a change of pace, ‘Walkin’ Away’ is the albums acoustic jangly moment. There’s a big orchestral arrangement going on in the background too which really adds to the overall listening experience. Very good tune. ‘S.S.C.P.’ is the album finale, a coarse rocker with the unenviable title of screaming slut cow pig. Umm yeah.

In Summary

In their time, this lot released four albums and two singles though they haven’t recorded much in the following years though they are mostly a covers band now according to their website (link above). We’ve written about many Philadelphia bands and artists over the years, though there are still a lot of stories that remain untold. Many of the bands mentioned above are all interlinked, and I’m sure we’ll be running with some new albums shortly including the much awaited 2023 return of Heavens Edge. Watch this space.


Walkin’ Away

LeCompt - Walkin' Away [Hard Rock - USA '92]

Here Comes Trouble
LeCompt - Here Comes Trouble

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