Giant -Time To Burn

Giant – Time To Burn


For AOR fans, the first two Giant albums (this one included) are a compulsory addition to your collection.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Time To Burn
SERIAL: EK 48509
YEAR: 1992
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Dann Huff – vocals, guitars * Alan Pasqua – keyboards, vocals * Mike Brignardello – bass, vocals * David Huff – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Thunder And Lightning * 02 Chained * 03 Lay It On The Line * 04 Stay * 05 Lost In Paradise * 06 Smoulder * 07 Time To Burn * 08 I’ll Be There (When It’s Over) * 09 Save Me Tonight * 10 Without You * 11 Now Until Forever * 12 Get Used To It


It wasn’t until I was talking with Tommy Denander during 2001 that it dawned upon me just how much I like this album. Similarly to the band SPYS, AORsters get caught up as to whether they prefer the first album or the second album. In much the same way Giant is similar, where people cannot decide whether they like ‘The Last Of The Runaways’ or this one ‘Time To Burn’.

In my case, I think I prefer this one a little bit better. Excuse the pun, but these tracks sounds a bit more epic in style. Not only are they longer but they are more atmospheric, carrying a bit more depth overall. Even today, this band still has a great deal of respect out there in AOR land, despite the fact that they are no longer the same force as they once were.

Let’s go back to 1992. Giant had turned the AOR world upside down three years earlier, with the ‘Last Of The Runaways’. That album did very well on the charts, spawning a few hit singles along the way. The band also paid homage to their support base at that time: this was the UK, and they ventured over there to tour.

For album number two, the band took a stripped down approach, relying more on guitar than on keyboards. As a consequence, Alan Pasqua’s contribution was less this time around, a sticking point that would rear its head in the future.

That is not to say that the keyboards are missing altogether. No, there is a heavy emphasis on organ, a strength of Pasqua’s and a sound that suits the band’s style. The other plus is producer Terry Thomas. Fresh from his stint with Bad Company, Giant reap the benefit of his experience.

The Songs

Some great songs on board here. The first single off the album, ‘Stay’ is an absolute winner! One of my favourite songs ever. Even the insistent drive or ‘Save Me Tonight’ and the opener ‘Thunder And Lightning’ suggests that this band are not lily-livered. Oh no, they can deliver a heavy side as well.

You don’t lose anything with tracks such as ‘Chained’ or ‘Lay It On The Line’, and even on their tender moments like ‘Now Until Forever’ or ‘Lost In Paradise’ do you realize that Giant are tempering their sound, the band really only in second gear! The other major highlight is the dark brooding excellence of ‘Save Me Tonight’, the end solo section is to die for!

In Summary

It was unfortunate then, that this album didn’t do as well as the first. The oncoming grunge scene was about to undo all the good work that bands like Giant had built-up over the previous years. As time will show, Giant returned many years later with a couple of albums released on the Frontiers label. However, for AOR fans, the first two Giant albums are a compulsory addition to your collection.


Giant – Stay

Giant - Stay

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  1. Earlier today I was looking for a hi-res image of the cover for this album. Every image I saw had this hazy greyish streak running down the entire left side. I don’t have my CD to compare. If someone has the CD can they check to see if the streak is there or not. Cheers. G

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