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Although it’s often overlooked in favor of it’s more illustrious follow up ‘Tracks’, ‘Wrabit’/’Wrough And Wready’ is a slice of pure AOR.

Written by: Lee South Africa

ARTIST: Wrabit
ALBUM: Wrabit / Wrough And Wready
SERIAL: MCF 3126 (Canada), MCA-5268 (USA)
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Lou Nadeau – vocals * John Albani – guitars * David Aplin – guitars * Les Paulhus – keyboards * Chris Brockway – bass, vocals * Scott Jefferson Steck – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Any Way Any Time * 02 Pushin’ On * 03 Can’t Be Wrong * 04 Back Home * 05 Too Many Years * 06 Just Go Away * 07 Tell Me What To Do * 08 How Does She Do It * 09 Here I’ll Stay * 10 Don’t Say Goodnite To Rock And Roll


Wrabit were one of those bands that formed in the late 70’s but only got their record deal in the early 80’s. Originally known as Telleman, these guys were playing the bars and clubs of Toronto. Signed to Attitude Management, the band changed their moniker to the unlikeliest of names, recruited Chris Brockway on bass, and inked a deal with MCA Records.

As a result, this debut came out in 1981, but it’s likely that some of the tracks were composed as far back as 1979. The album had two releases with different cover art. ‘Wrough And Wready’ with the be speckled bunny, plus ‘Wrabit’, cover art as above. The melodic nucleus of Lou Nadeau’s vocals and John Albani’s guitar ensure an AOR journey from the Canadian perspective, emphasised by a 5 Star Review in Sounds UK by erstwhile reviewer/writer Paul Suter.

The Songs

‘Anyway Anytime’ is a good choice as the album opener, combining a punchy rhythm and soaring vocals from Nadeau. ‘Pushin’ On’ is decent, but you get the feeling there’s too many tempo changes for such a short track. ‘Can’t Be Wrong’ is better, laying on the pomp keys and dependable vocal melodies, nice track. ‘Back Home’ is a pleasant restrained ballad, but a little on the ordinary side.

‘Too Many Years’ picks up the pace with more pomp overtones, this one’s very good – blueprint AOR with big hooks and a pulsing rhythm. Side two opens with ‘Just Go Away’, a pretty forceful affair but the necessary hooks are in place to make up for the less melodic chorus. ‘Tell Me What To Do’ is a classic of AOR – exquisite melodies are at work here, with guitar/keyboard interplay in the rocking Toto vein providing the hooks.

‘How Does She Do It’ is catchy and more than solid, with a stomping Survivor rhythm and a short keyboard flourish in the Roadmaster tradition. ‘Here I’ll Stay’ is another highlight, quite Boston-ish in places with another killer AOR chorus – a wonderful song. The anthemic qualities of ‘Don’t Say Goodnite To Rock And Roll’ close off a very impressive debut album.

In Summary

Although it’s often overlooked in favor of it’s more illustrious follow up ‘Tracks’, ‘Wrabit’/’Wrough And Wready’ is a slice of pure AOR. Some of the songs end far too soon, but the album’s sheer consistency comes through in a big way. At the time of writing it may still be available on MCA Japan.

Expensive, but worth the investment. Oh, by the way, don’t be fooled by the reissue dates. The Japanese CD’s for all three Wrabit albums were not released in 1998 as you might see on most reputable sites. They were in fact first reissued in 1993. Perhaps subsequent reissues followed. But the originals are definitely 1993 vintage.


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