The Rods - The Rods

The Rods – The Rods


Who remembers these guys? The Rods. A manic and rabid trio from New York, who started out as commercial hard rockers as heard on this their major label debut.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: The Rods
ALBUM: The Rods
LABEL: Arista
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Dave ‘Rock’ Feinstein – vocals, guitars * Gary Bordonaro – bass, vocals * Carl Canedy – drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Power Lover * 02 Crank It Up * 03 Hungry For Some Love * 04 Music Man * 05 Woman * 06 Nothing Going On In The City * 07 Get Ready To Rock ‘n’ Roll * 08 Ace In The Hole * 09 Rock Hard * 10 Roll With The Night



Who remembers these guys? The Rods. A manic and rabid trio of heavy metallers from New York. Well that’s how they might have ended up, but initially when they first came out, their music was great commercial flavoured hard rock, and well worth a review on this site at least. The Rods were formed around talented drummer/producer Carl Canedy, as well as ex Elf guitarist Dave ‘Rock’ Feinstein, a cousin of the Dungeons And Dragons lord master Ronnie James Dio.

The guys put out a small self financed promo called ‘Rock Hard’ which was produced in 1980, then got themselves a deal to Clive Davis’ Arista label, more renowned for softer rock artists and disco artists at the time. Some of the tracks on ‘Rock Hard’ appear on this debut. They also made an appearance on the Shrapnel Records compilation ‘U.S Metal II’ with ‘Wings Of Fire’ though this in 1982.

The Songs

The ensuing self titled debut owes more than a debt to some of the hard rockers of the day, including Rainbow, and Sammy Hagar. It’s a whole lot more commercial than their follow up efforts, and some of the songs become favourites of mine during 1981. For instance, ‘Power Lover’ and ‘Crank It Up’ were a great introduction to the band’s style of hard rock.

Some of the more commercial tracks like ‘Get Ready To Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and ‘Rock Hard’ appeared elsewhere on various compilations at the time. My own personal faves include the mighty ‘Nothing Going On In The City’ (still a classic to this day and first heard by Dutch band White Honey back in 1979), as well as the subdued ‘Ace In The Hole’.

In Summary

Like Y&T they become big favourites over in Europe, and toured with Iron Maiden riding on the back of their ‘Number Of The Beast’ popularity. The follow up ‘Wild Dogs’ was less commercial though still good, and become the door for them to pass through into heavier territory. They later signed with Music For Nations to release further albums, again in that heavier style. The Rods are still a band worthwhile checking out some of their back catalogue, including this one.


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  1. [Candyman] Remember buying this after a quick listen in the bean bag at the local record store. On the same day I also picked up Tank’s Filth Hounds of Hades which wasn’t as immediate as the Rods album. Anyhow great high energy tracks kick it off in Power Lover and Crank it Up and always a fan of Ace In The Hole. A fan of all the songs really and its a recommended listen from me.

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