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Belgian band Danger were one of the first hard rock metal bands to emerge from that country, combining hard rock and boogie to great effect.

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ARTIST: Danger
ALBUM: Danger
SERIAL: 1A 064 19073
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Dino Polizzi – vocals * Andre Damoiseaux, Michel Leclercq – guitars * Christian Forthomme – bass * Michel Depuydt – drums

TRACK LISTING: A1 Ready For You * A2 Where Is The Love * A3 Girl * A4 Woman * A5 Can I Talk To You * B1 Mean Streak * B2 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright * B3 On The Run * B4 Without You * B5 I Wanna Be Free



Belgian band Danger were one of the first hard rock metal bands to emerge from that country before the so called Euro metal explosion got underway in the early 80’s. Many of the Benelux bands were still heavily engrossed in the progressive rock scene, plus the punk and new wave scenes were very popular during the late 70’s heading into the 80’s with a host of Dutch and Belgian bands rearing their heads.

Danger at the time, had signed a deal with the Dutch branch of EMI Records. In later years Belgian label Mausoleum would pick up on the band and this debut album, but it was 1983 when they did so, some two years after EMI originally released it. The bands two leading lights were singer Dino Polizzi and guitarist Michel Leclercq, the latter a talented guitarist who also played in the R&B and Soul genres when not doing hard rock.

The Songs

Musically, Danger sound like a raw and less southern rock version of Dutch boogie merchants Bodine. This is sort of apparent on the lead-off ‘Ready For You’ which gallops along unrestrained. ‘Where Is The Love’ is a chug along rocker which sounds like a bit of fun though the guitar solo sounds slightly tortured. Lol.

The pairing of ‘Girl’ and ‘Woman’ looks as if they are deliberately co-joined at the hip. ‘Girl’ is a quite beautiful flowing tune while ‘Woman’ is a cranky rocker with a Led Zeppelin flavour. ‘Can I Talk To You’ heads off into Euro boogie territory, Polizzi sounding like Davey Pattison. Talking of which, Danger attempt a cover of the Gamma track ‘Mean Streak’ (Gamma 2). How coincidental is that? It’s pretty good too.

‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ dips into some rollicking rock n roll very similar to Swiss artist Vic Vergat. The dual guitars are out in force on ‘On The Run’, again very much in the vein of Bodine, the penultimate track ‘Without You’ also delivers some whiplash riffs, and by now I’m totally into this record, remembering how great 1981 was. ‘I Wanna Be Free’ is the closer and is very boogie oriented.

In Summary

Danger is a pretty good melding of hard Rock and boogie, a pity then that they could only muster the one album. ‘Danger’ (as mentioned) was reissued on LP by Mausoleum in 1983, and then again on CD in 1994. Beyond this album, Polizzi went on to Belgian AOR band Key West/K West while Forthomme joined another Belgian outfit called FN Guns.


Ready For You

Danger (Bel) - 01 Ready For You

Mean Streak
Danger (Bel) - 06 Mean Streak

I Wanna Be Free
Danger (Bel) - 10 I Wanna Be Free

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