Wrabit - West Side Kid

Wrabit – West Side Kid


Wrabit. Without doubt one of the essential and legendary bands in Canadian AOR.

Written by: Lee South Africa

ARTIST: Wrabit
ALBUM: West Side Kid
YEAR: 1983
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Lou Nadeau – vocals * John Albani – guitars * Chris Brockway – bass * Gary Craig – drums * Lou Pomanti – keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Waiting * 02 Hold On To Me * 03 Say Lady Say * 04 Piece Of The Action * 05 Sing Boy * 06 Young Girl * 07 Cry Cry * 08 Lin * 09 Best Of Love * 10 West Side Kid


Wrabit. Without doubt one of the essential and legendary bands in Canadian AOR. Having been active in their native Canada since the late 70’s, and with two fine albums under their belts already, it was time to record and unleash a third vinyl into the AOR world. Sadly, it would prove to be their last.

The Songs

‘Waiting’ is as likely to be the official AOR anthem as any other classic you could throw at me – massive hook, the occasional strategic pomp keyboard, and layers of melodic vocals to melt the coldest of hearts.

‘Hold On To Me’ has the task of following on – not easy, but this is Wrabit we’re dealing with, so a slice of heavenly mid tempo pomp AOR is served up. Special praise for Lou Nadeau’s vocals, uncannily like Le Roux era Fergie Frederiksen.

‘Say Lady Say’ is a foray into West Coast, delivered with such sheer class you’d swear this was Pages or ‘Clear Approach’ era Trillion. Gliding in at midtempo, ‘Piece Of The Action’ is an exhibition of how to make magic with subtle melodies – uncomplicated but right on target.

‘Sing Boy’ returns us to the hook-laden uptempo side of AOR, complete with soaring chorus. ‘Young Girl’ brings out the Le Roux comparisons again, circa ‘So Fired Up’. After the solid AOR of ‘Cry Cry Cry’, the remainder drifts into some more West Coast territory – the best of which is the liquid balladry of ‘Lin’.

In Summary

Be sure to check out our Chris Brockway interview, where George discusses the Wrabit days with him at length (among other topics). Also, the first two albums are reviewed elsewhere on this site.


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