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Shelter - First Stop

Shelter – First Stop 5 (1)

Shelter are a band with a definite paid-up parking spot here at Glory Daze. It is a wonder (and a…

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Helix - No Rest For The Wicked

Helix – No Rest For The Wicked 4 (1)

1983 proved to be the breakthrough year for Canadian band Helix. After a several year stint as a band with…

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Magnum - The Eleventh Hour

Magnum – The Eleventh Hour 3 (1)

‘The Eleventh Hour’ was (in hindsight) not the strongest album from the Magnum back-catalog, and one can’t help feel the…

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Asia - Alpha

Asia – Alpha 5 (1)

If you read what others say about ‘Alpha’ many years later, you’d think that Asia was some sort of pop…

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Saxon - Power And The Glory

Saxon – Power And The Glory 0 (0)

Saxon were only five albums into their recording career, but to many they peaked with ‘Power And The Glory’. Natural…

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Queensryche - Queensryche Ep

Queensryche – Queensryche (EP) 0 (0)

Though Queensryche blatantly stole from the altar of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, it’s not hard to see why the…

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Kiss - Lick It Up

Kiss – Lick It Up 4 (3)

A landmark album of sorts for the masked wonders of rock n roll! It’s the album which saw Kiss unmasked…

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Aldo Nova - Subject

Aldo Nova – Subject 3.5 (2)

‘Subject’ maybe Aldo Nova’s best work. Taken at face value its spotless AOR. This time around Nova employed a band…

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Journey - Frontiers

Journey – Frontiers 4.5 (2)

There are an abundance of perfect AOR albums but few as well known as Journey’s ‘Frontiers’. It’s AOR taken to…

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Shooting Star - Burning

Shooting Star – Burning 3 (1)

1983 saw the release of album number 4 from Kansas City’s finest – Shooting Star.

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Arcangel - Arcangel

Arcangel – Arcangel 4 (3)

For those coming to this site who are familiar with the Arcangel material, I’m sure you’ll agree, this one’s a…

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Preview - Preview

Preview – Preview 4 (2)

Preview are another fantastic period AOR band which is considered to be another ambassador of the GDM website.

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Cobra - First Strike

Cobra – First Strike 5 (1)

The band Cobra are a near supergroup, when you subsequently see the names involved with this one-off project from 1983.

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Prism - Beat Street

Prism – Beat Street 3 (2)

It’s Prism, but not really. The true core of the band having left after their previous 1981 album, leaving the…

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Prototype - Prototype

Prototype – Prototype 3 (2)

Prototype were a Canadian band who acquired a ‘near-classic’ reputation among the collectors out there. I was certainly interested to…

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Ratt - Ratt

Ratt – Ratt (EP) 3 (1)

At the very forefront of the NWLAHM in the early 80’s were Ratt. Their brand of commercial metal was a…

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Kansas - Drastic Measures

Kansas – Drastic Measures 2.5 (2)

An unusual album by Kansas’ own high standards, and one that has been commented on by many saying it’s their…

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Morse Code - Code Breaker

Morse Code – Code Breaker 3 (1)

Morse Code, the Canadian band from Quebec, may have only released this one album in an AOR style, but these…

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Spys - Behind Enemy Lines

SPYS – Behind Enemy Lines 4 (2)

this second SPYS album ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ from 1983 is just as superb as the 1982 debut and deserves a…

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Tycoon - Opportunity Knocks

Tycoon – Opportunity Knocks 3.5 (2)

Tycoon is effectively the pairing of Norman Mershon and Mark Kreider, one can only assume the duo continued songwriting into…

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Black Sabbath - Born Again

Black Sabbath – Born Again 0 (0)

Black Sabbath’s ‘Born Agaon’ was quite a phenomenal effort, and one that most have conceded to over the last twenty…

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K West - First Invasion

K West – First Invasion 3 (1)

For those of you into a harder style of European AOR, then Belgian band K West should be on your…

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Styx - Kilroy Was Here

Styx – Kilroy Was Here 2 (1)

After 1980’s ‘Paradise Theatre’, we would wait three years before hearing from AOR gods Styx again with ‘Kilroy Was Here’.

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Alice Cooper - Dada

Alice Cooper – Dada 0 (0)

If you haven’t played thi albym for a while, give it a play. From Alice Cooper’s experimental period, it’s his…

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