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Preview – Preview


Preview are another fantastic period AOR band which is considered to be another ambassador of the GDM website.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Preview
ALBUM: Preview
LABEL: Geffen
YEAR: 1983
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Jon Fiore – vocals * Danny Gold – guitars * Ernie Gold – keyboards * Skip Parker – bass * Ed Bettinelli – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 All Night * 02 Open Up Your Heart * 03 So Blind * 04 Running Back * 05 Never Hold Back * 06 Red Lights * 07 Can’t Stop This Feeling * 08 Love Finds A Way * 09 Can’t You See * 10 It’s Over


Preview are another fantastic period AOR band which is considered to be another ambassador of the GDM website. Preview originated from the New Jersey/New York area, and have a lot in common with AOR colleagues Franke And The Knockouts, Alliance and I-Ten.

All playing in a similar style, and containing great singers, and here on this album Jon Fiore adds a melodic shine similar in many ways to someone like John Blanco from SPYS. To be fair though, if you were to slap on I-Ten‘s ‘Taking A Cold Look’ album from the same year, you’d be hard pressed to find a difference such is the similarity.

The Songs

All the hallmarks of a typical glory days AOR band are contained within this album. The opener ‘All Night’ is a warm radio friendly workout, followed by the AORtastic ‘Open Up Your Heart’ complete with stabbing keyboards so prevalent of bands from this era.

‘So Blind’ is typically 80’s sounding, like an early Rick Springfield, while we meander along with the ballad ‘Running Back’ which never rises to any great heights unfortunately. An attempt at hi-tech AOR emanates on ‘Never Hold Back’ which isn’t half bad, while the most upbeat track is their single ‘Red Lights’ perhaps the song which best reflects their overall sound.

‘Love Finds A Way’ is very I-Ten flavoured, especially those Rhodes piano lines from Ernie Gold. I really think producer Keith Olsen had the phrase ‘carbon copy’ in mind when he mixed this track. Keyboards are a flurry on ‘Can’t You See’ while Fiore could be auditioning for Coney Hatch so good is his Carl Dixon impression. ‘It’s Over’ winds us down in the wimpiest manner possible.

In Summary

You gotta say, the production from Olsen on this one really does make Preview sound fresh. I think any other producer would have killed it, but perhaps the sound was not what the industry wanted at the time, but hey, who gives a damn about the industry.

This is how AOR should’ve been played and appreciated. Well needless to say, this album is again as rare as a bucktooth guppy, and one of those titles on the most wanted list for a release on CD, which inevitably was achieved many years later.

Not much heard of the band members though Jon Fiore sang backing vocals on a few albums (ie Valentine) and as we all know went solo some years after this album and signed to German label MTM Music where he released two albums to date with a bit of help from the guys in Harem Scarem during the late 90’s.


All Night

Preview - All night (HQ Sound) (AOR/Melodic Rock)

Open Up Your Heart
Open Your Heart - PREVIEW

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  1. [Gdazegod] There was talk/rumour etc that Keith Olsen bought in his pinch hitter musicians to play on this record. This wouldn’t be the first time. 

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