Mr Mister - Go On

Mr Mister – Go On

85 / 100

The third of Mr Mister’s catalogue, was this rather underrated set from 1987: ‘Go On’.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Mr Mister
SERIAL: 6276-2-R
YEAR: 1987
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Richard Page – vocals, bass * Steve George – keyboards, vocals * Steve Farris – guitars * Pat Mastelotto – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Stand And Deliver * 02 Healing Waters * 03 Dust * 04 Something Real (Inside Me Inside You) * 05 The Tube * 06 Control * 07 Watching The World * 08 Power Over Me * 09 Man Of A Thousand Dances * 10 The Border


The third of Mr Mister’s catalogue, was this rather underrated set from 1987: ‘Go On’. Unfortunately, for the talented quartet, this album went in and out of the American rock music consciousness with the blink of an eye.

Whereas the predecessor ‘Welcome To The Real World’ was deemed to be a far more serious offering than the debut ‘I Wear The Face’, ‘Go On’ takes it to another level again. Perhaps the subject matter, an anithesis of western society lifestyles was just far too much for the consumer driven public of the late 80’s. That timeframe was all about excess after all.

The Songs

‘Stand And Deliver’ features a very tight production, and a chorus that is attractive to the ear. Musically, it’s a continuation of the style heard on ‘Welcome..’ Mostly, the songs are very introspective, sending a message and keeping one engaged with the music. ‘Healing Waters’ is an example of this.

‘Dust’ is a breathy piece of melodia. It doesn’t rock out, preferring instead to soothe the aural senses. ‘Someting Real (Inside Me Inside You)’ was the track I remember the most from ‘Go On’. Very hi-end and hi-tech. I think this was one of two videos released from the album (the other being ‘Stand And Deliver’).

Pat Mastelotto’s snare is tuned tight throughout on the album, this is obvious on ‘The Tube’, and while the tracks overall are of an excellent quailty, they don’t quite have the hooks that made ‘Broken Wings’ and ‘Kyrie’ world-beaters. However, I would say that ‘Power Over Me’ and ‘The Border’ are two of the best songs here, very melodic, smooth and radio friendly.

In Summary

‘Go On’ reached #55 in the Billboard charts, not quite the result the band and record label RCA (soon to become RCA/BMG) were looking for after the success of the previous album. During 1988, the band hooked up with CCM artist Paul Clark, and played on his ‘Awakening From The Western Dream’, though the album was not within the CCM framework as Clark by then, had had enough of the Nashville based industry.

Later, Farris would leave the band, though the following year, Mr Mister would recruit a number of session guitarists who ultimately played on the unreleased ‘Pull’ sessions. With BMG turning their nose up at the album, the band separated in 1990. All members are still active in the industry today; Richard Page has his own record label, and was a member of Third Matinee and Ringo Starr‘s All Star Band, and has a lucrative solo and songwriting gig happening. Mastelotto joined the revamped King Crimson. All talented blokes.

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