Sharon O'Neill - Danced In The Fire

Sharon O’Neill – Danced In The Fire


Sharon O’Neill is often mentioned here at GDM, this album recorded after her forced exile from the music industry between 1984 and 1986/87.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Sharon O’Neill
ALBUM: Danced In The Fire
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: 833 557-2
YEAR: 1987
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Sharon O’Neill – lead vocals, piano * Alan Mansfield – guitars, cello, percussion, keyboards, organ * Dave Monday – guitars, keyboards * Les Davidson, Mark Punch, Phil Palmer, Tommy Emmanuel – guitars * Andy Brown, Joe Creighton, Segs Jennings, Michael Hegerty, Steve Bywaters – bass * Alex White, Bernie Clarke – keyboards * Chuck Sabo – percussion * Tony Buchanan – sax * Neil Richmond – drum programming * Dave Ruff, Jon Farris – drums * Gordon Neville, Maggie McKinney, Mark Williams, Peter Beckett, Phoenix Jones, Steve Hogarth – backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Physical Favours * 02 We’re Only Human * 03 Trojan Horse * 04 Far Away * 05 Take Me To Paris * 06 Danced In The Fire * 07 Shock To The Heart * 08 Thirst For Love * 09 Under Suspicion * 10 In Control



Sharon O’Neill is often mentioned here at Glory Daze. What has not been mentioned was her forced exile from the music industry between 1984 and 1986/87 after her breakdown with then record label Columbia/CBS. Annoyed but undeterred, O’Neil resorted to university study and personal songwriting, and waited out her exile.

Upon her return in 1987 she signed with Polydor and recorded the bulk of this album split between Sydney (EMI Studios 301, Trafalgar House) and London (Maison Rouge and The Town House). An interesting assortment of musicians helped out, including noted guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, Peter Beckett (Player) and Steve Hogarth from Marillion.

The Songs

Gone was the El-Lay west coast sounds of ‘Foreign Affairs’ from four years previous, thus album was more about commercial pop rock, sounding smooth and well produced. The album was frontloaded with two singles: ‘Physical Favours’ and the title track ‘Danced In The Fire’, both recorded as videos during the MTV era, see below.

But there are highlights all over. ‘We’re Only Human’ and ‘Trojan Horse’ provide great supporting roles but my pick would be the superb ‘Take Me To Paris’ which touches all the right spots. Don’t take anything away from the very AOR sounding ‘Shock To The Heart’ – gorgeous tune, so too the overly melodic ‘In Control’ with its abundant use of keyboards, nice stuff.

In Summary

A totally listenable album though if anything, it’s locked into mid 80’s production values which does give it (from a current day perspective) a dated feel. Still I like all of her discography and eventually I’ll get to some of Sharon’s late 70’s and early 80’s work.


Physical Favours

Sharon O'Neill - Physical Favours

Danced In The Fire
Sharon O'Neill - Danced In the Fire

Shock To The Heart
Take Me To Paris
Take Me To Paris

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