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Keats, which is a collection of Alan Parsons Project alumni doing 1980’s AOR.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Keats
SERIAL: ST-17136
YEAR: 1984
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Colin Blunstone – vocals * Ian Bairnson – guitars * David Paton – bass * Stuart Elliott – drums * Pete Bardens – keyboards * Richard Cottle – sax, keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Heaven Knows * 02 Tragedy * 03 Fight To Win * 04 Walking On Ice * 05 How Can You Walk Away * 06 Turn Your Heart Around * 07 Avalanche * 08 Give It Up * 09 Ask No Questions * 10 Night Full Of Voices * 11 Hollywood Heart * 12 Interview – Ian Bairnson and Alan Parsons



A few months back, Eric Abrahamsen reviewed an early 70’s album by singer Colin Blunstone. A talented Englishman, he turns up on this mid-80’s project called Keats, which is a collection of Alan Parsons Project alumni doing AOR. Not forgetting the alumni of Scottish popsters Pilot (Bairnson and Paton), a band well known to 70’s pop fans as well as Eric!

Produced by Alan Parsons himself, the personnel were inspired to come together in conjunction with APP vocalist Eric Woolfson, seeing an opportunity to create a band situation outside of the APP environment. Despite the connotation with the famous English poet John Keats, the band was named after Woolfson’s favourite restaurant of the same name. Other key figures included former Camel keyboardist Pete Bardens, and session man Richard Cottle (refer John Parr).

The Songs

Incredibly, I recall reading a review of this in Sounds Magazine, and it wasn’t very flash. Having heard the album just recently, I am glad to say that the review wasn’t very accurate. Keats is a classy and well-produced affair that will appeal to all APP, I-Ten and Charlie fans, without a doubt.

In fact I would go as far to say that this is a closet classic from 1984, an album that should be better known by all AORsters. I guess that is why this website is in existence. There is not a weak track here. The first single ‘Turn Your Heart Around’ was also released as a video. Check out the AOR perfection of ‘Ask No Questions’ or the pure Charlie influence of ‘Fight To Win’. Beautiful stuff. The whole album deserves a thorough listen.

In Summary

Because of its poor showing during the 80’s, the album was conveniently hidden in the background by EMI. A shame really. But thankfully In 1994, the label finally released the album on disc in Japan. Predictably when that disc went out of print, See For Miles Records picked up the slack.

Since then though, controversial label Renaissance Records released this album in America with all musical tracks, plus two interview tracks – one with Alan Parsons, the other with Ian Bairnson. A great slice of AOR and very much recommended for fans of both Alan Parsons Project and Charlie.


Turn Your Heart Around

Keats - Turn Your Heart Around

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