Fancy - Wild Thing

Fancy – Wild Thing


Fancy’s time in the spotlight was brief for a manufactured entity though this album is very good reminding me of Vinegar Joe and Stone The Crows, only with a pop edge.

Written by: Eric

ALBUM: Wild Thing
LABEL: Big Tree Records
SERIAL: 89502
YEAR: 1974
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Anne Kavanagh – vocals * Marlon – guitars, vocals * Mo Foster – bass, vocals * Les Binks – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wild Thing * 02 Love For Sale * 03 Move On * 04 I Don’t Need Your Love * 05 One Night * 06 Touch Me * 07 U.S Surprise * 08 Between The Devil And Me * 09 I’m A Woman * 10 Feel Good



Originally the brainchild of English producer Mike Hurst (Manfred Mann, Cat Stevens) who had the interesting idea of ‘sexing up’ the classic song ‘Wild Thing’ by using a female vocalist. Calling the project ‘Fancy’, Hurst set to work finding a female singer and appropriately a former Penthouse Pet Helen Caunt (her real name it seems) was hired to add her breathy vocals to the record.

Surprise, surprise, the record goes top ten in America and the record label wants an album. Firing Caunt, a full band was thrown together with new vocalist Anne Kavanagh upfront, and future Judas Priest drummer Les Binks pounding the err.. skins behind her.

Two records were recorded, another big American hit single and tours with KISS and Wishbone Ash followed by a triumphant return to England on a 10cc tour. This is the type of story rock n’ roll dreams are made of right?

The Songs

Perhaps, but Fancy’s time in the spotlight only lasted a couple years. Not bad for a manufactured entity and they could have done a lot worse I suppose since some of this album is very good reminding me of Vinegar Joe and Stone The Crows only with a pop edge.

First of all, I can’t tell you if the aforementioned ‘Wild Thing’ single is the same version that appears on this album. The vocalist sounds the same and that was probably the point giving the album some consistency. It is a unique version, but does nothing to unseat The Troggs cornerstone.

The other big hit off the album was ‘Touch Me’ found on side two. A good rock tune mining the golden vein of Suzi Quatro‘s glam rock sound.. Even the cover of that moldy oldie ‘I’m A Woman’ rocks solid and again comparisons to Quatro are easy to spot. The remaining material just kind of drifts by after a few listens. Good but nothing memorable.

In Summary

I have never heard the second Fancy album ‘Turns You On’, but then again I haven’t looked for it all that hard either. Both Fancy records were released on a single CD by Angel Air several years ago, so it’s probably not that hard to find if you really need it.


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