Face Dancer - Alive

Face Dancer – Alive


Now that the entire back catalogue of Face Dancer’s material is now available on CD, you cannot contemplate leaving this live album out of the collection.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Face Dancer
ALBUM: Alive
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2003
SPONSOR: Billy Trainor
CD REISSUE: No Discogs entry.

LINEUP: Carey Kress – vocals David Bell – guitars * Jeff Adams – guitars * Scott McGinn – rhythm guitars, keyboards * B.J Weigman – bass * Billy Trainor – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 MacAttack * 02 Time Bomb * 03 Can’t Stand Still * 04 Sphinx * 05 Gang Bang * 06 Cry Baby * 07 Red Shoes * 08 Nite Shift



Who would’ve thought eh? What once was a band etched in melodic rock folklore (especially on the Eastern seaboard of the US), have now had the lifeforce of Lazarus breathed into them like a D.I.C about to become a D.O.A in the emergency ward.

A big kudos to all the FD fans out there, according to the band, it’s them that are partly responsible for the renewed interest in Face Dancer. Readers of GDM will have seen the many articles we’ve done on the band as of late, and now we add another one to the list: a live album of their best known tracks, plus a bonus studio track, to keep all you diehard fans on your toes.

The Songs

If you thought their studio albums were good (well for most of you, we’re talking ‘This World’), then you’d be surprised at how rocky they sound live. Baltimore locals won’t need any reminding, as the band come to life in the ‘live’ environment in a big way.

After the introductory piece ‘Mac Attack’, a variation of the Sinatra classic ‘Mac The Knife’, you are presented with the booming drum sound from Trainor on their staple ‘Time Bomb’. The sound literally ‘going off’ like a.. Again, the drums crash in on ‘Can’t Stand Still’, this time played in an earthy bluesy style, rather than the fast paced quirkiness of the studio effort.

‘Sphinx’ is also given the raw heavy-handed treatment, preceding the hilarious ‘Gang Bang’, surely a song for adults rather than minors. Another Face Dancer classic ‘Cry Baby’ rollicks along as if 1979 was only just yesterday, and these boys were still bashing out clubs 6 nights a week.

And then we get ‘Red Shoes’, the good-time beat still evident, as are the hot-shot guitar solos through the middle. There’s something quite magical about that song me thinks. Thrown in for good measure is the new studio track ‘Nite Shift’, simplistic in style, and an anthem to all those blue collar workers out there, no doubt a few of them are Face Dancer fans too!

In Summary

Now that the entire back catalogue of Face Dancer’s material is now available on CD, you cannot contemplate leaving this live album out of the collection, considering many of you have been waiting nearly twenty years for something to happen re: re-releases. Now your wish has been granted. Go to it Face Dancer fans, the URL is listed above.



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