Queensryche - Tribe

Queensryche – Tribe


‘Tribe’ is so far removed from my fond thoughts of Queensryche that I’m numb.

Written by: Luigi

ARTIST: Queensryche
ALBUM: Tribe
LABEL: Metal-Is Records (Eur), Sanctuary (USA)
SERIAL: MISCD018, 06076-84578-2
YEAR: 2003
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Geoff Tate – vocals * Chris De Garmo – guitars * Michael Wilton – guitars * Eddie Jackson – bass * Scott Rockenfield – drums

TRACK LISTING: Open * 02 Losing Myself * 03 Desert Dance * 04 Falling Behind * 05 Great Divide * 06 Rhythm Of Hope * 07 Tribe * 08 Blood * 09 Under My Skin * 10 Doing Fine



I’ve wanted it since ‘Promised Land’. Queensryche’s return to their former glories. In other words ‘Operation Mindcrime’ Part Two. Well, not that exactly but more so the energy and musical style that the band exhibited.

Since the release of ‘Promised Land’, nearly 10 years ago, I’ve lost almost all interest in the musical output of Queensryche. I’d have a quick listen each time they released a new album, which only confirmed my suspicions that I wouldn’t like what I heard.

When people heard that Chris DeGarmo was going to be involved with the new album the fists punched the air and people starting searching their closets for those old Mindcrime t-shirts. Why anyone thought that DeGarmo’s involvement would change anything is beyond me.

He was on ‘Promised Land’ and ‘Hear In The Now Frontier’. They didn’t sound anything like classic Queensryche. And since he’s left the last thing he’s been doing is metal and scorching solo’s. I’m quite sure after having listened to ‘Tribe’ those t-shirts will have been thrown into the darkest reaches of aforementioned closets.

The Songs

I don’t like to use this word, but it really does some up the feeling I got from ‘Tribe’. Bored. F*&%ing bored. ‘Tribe’ is so far removed from my fond thoughts of Queensryche that I’m numb. Yeah, they’ve been releasing albums like this for a few years now but it’s the first time I’ve actually sat through one in its entirety.

It was pretty depressing. Not only from the point of view that I’ll still have to live on past memories, but also the music itself is depressing. It plods along at a snails pace, going nowhere without anything remotely exciting to speak of. Did the guys write the songs during the slow part of a funeral?

In Summary

Time to accept it. It’s over. The fat lady has sung. Elvis has left the building. Queensryche are done and ‘Tribe’ is making a very hasty exit from my CD player.



Queensrÿche -Tribe

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