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Face Dancer – Midnite Raid


Face Dancer are the pride of the Washington DC/Baltimore area who put out this rare indie release in 1990.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Face Dancer
ALBUM: Midnite Raid
LABEL: Red Shoes Records
YEAR: 1990
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List
SPONSOR: Billy Trainor

LINEUP: Carey Kress – vocals * David Bell – guitars * Scott McGinn – bass, keyboards, vocals * Billy Trainor – drums

Additional Musicians: David Utter – guitars * Kris Fath – backing vocals * Stephen Hatfield – keyboards * Kenny F – saxophone

TRACK LISTING: 01 Can’t Let Go * 02 Don’t Get Me Wrong * 03 Gotta Find Love * 04 Shakin’ Again * 05 Bad Luck With Money * 06 River Of Love * 07 Red Shoes * 08 I Hope You Know What You Want * 09 Time Bomb



Face Dancer are the pride of the Washington DC/Baltimore area who put out this rare indie release in 1990 and I’ve only just managed to lay my hands on a copy. First coming to my attention with their fantastic debut album ‘This World’ as far back as 1979, Face Dancer seem to be a band that gets together occasionally, play gigs, release albums etc. Well long may it continue. This one ‘Midnite Raid’ is a real belter. Most of the original lineup is there, with the exception of guitarist Jeff Adams. Even David Utter guests on some of the tracks.

Reissued cover from the 2003 CD release

The Songs

‘Midnite Raid’ also contains two of Face Dancer’s best recognised songs in ‘Red Shoes’ and ‘Timebomb’ from the ‘This World’ album, though if they’ve gone down that path it would be nice to hear a cover of ‘Forever Beach’ off their second ‘About Face’ album. The first three songs ‘Can’t Let Go’, the impressive ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ and the extremely upbeat ‘Gotta Find Love’ really set this album alight.

Billy Trainor’s drums sound remiscent of Bobby Chouinard’s work with Billy Squier on ‘Shakin’ Again’, in fact this might as well be a Squier tune such is the resemblance. The rest of the tracks continue the ‘cranked up and amped up’ attitude on this album. I’m impressed.

In Summary

A big thanks to Charles ‘A’, a local area native from Washington DC who picked this up at one of their shows. Thanks for sending me the CD dude! Also note, ‘Midnite Raid’ was re-re-released by the band during 2003, you can obtain a copy from their website: www.facedancer.com.



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