Dante Fox - Under Suspicion

Dante Fox – Under Suspicion

83 / 100

Overall, this is a feature rich slab of melodic rock from Dante Fox, and you will definitely get value for money from this disc, even the average tracks are good, considering these could have died in lesser hands, but the best tracks are exceptional!

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Dante Fox
ALBUM: Under Suspicion
LABEL: Now And Then
YEAR: 1996
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Sue Willets – vocals * Tim Manford – guitars * Bryn Jones – bass * Jon Cooksey – drums, programming

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lost And Lonely Heart * 02 I Can’t Sleep * 03 Still Remember Love (Baby) * 04 How Do We Learn About Love * 05 Don’t Call Me * 06 Here I Stand * 07 Lonely * 08 On The Edge * 09 I’ve Got Everything * 10 Under One Sun



Dante Fox were an English quartet who most obviously have sat around the kitchen table most mornings listening to the likes of Heart and Romeos Daughter etc. From Birmingham, they could be forgiven for sounding anything like their more famous predecessors (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Magnum, Shy), with a sound straight out of the US melodic rock songbook.

Featuring the talented Sue Willets, and ex Radio Moscow guitarist Tim Manford, their songs are brimming with punchy radio friendly tracks, with oh so glorious choruses. I wish many other bands could write choruses this great! Willets in particular has all sorts of vocal inflections: Janet La Rose (Allison), Cher, and Judie Tzuke (from her ‘Shoot The Moon’ and ‘Ritmo’ era), and she dominates preceedings throughout with her gorgeous voice.

The Songs

The opening selection of songs are very impressive. ‘Lost And Lonely Heart’ features some AOR approved guitar power, with some lovely twists and turns before that killer chorus kicks in. Who would want to forget one of 1996’s best songs ‘How Do We Learn About Love’? or the radio friendly ”Under The Sun’. Classic stuff.

They heavy up seriously on tracks such as ‘On The Edge’, as well as the arena rock atmospherics of ‘I’ve Got Everything’. However, there are a couple of tracks which only marginally don’t quite hit the mark. ‘Lonely’ sort of tries to be like a John Waite ballad, but doesn’t quite get there, despite the nice keys on the chorus (those bloody choruses again!).

‘Don’t Call Me’ has a Roxette type edge to it which lacks for a little something, while the modern sounding pop rock of ‘Here I Stand’ would be better off being placed on an album like Device‘s ’22B3’. Don’t get me wrong, these three are still pretty good, but the high standard has already been set by those aforementioned tracks. In effect they’ve made a rod for their own back, but I’m sure they’re not complaining.

In Summary

Overall, this is a feature rich slab of melodic rock, and you will definitely get value for money from this disc. Even the average tracks are good, considering these could have died in lesser hands. But the best tracks are exceptional! So, we’re starting from a high point and moving upwards. Get it if you see it. This will surely grow on you!

Dante Fox on Video

On The Edge

Dante Fox - On The Edge (Melodic Hard Rock)

Under One Sun
Dante Fox - Under One Sun

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