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Harlan Cage – Harlan Cage


Some of these tracks are unbelievable, and I have no hesitation in declaring Harlan Cage one of the albums of 1996, a pompsters delight and very wet dream!

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Harlan Cage
ALBUM: Harlan Cage
SERIAL: 19965
YEAR: 1996
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: L.A Greene – vocals, guitars * Roger Scott Craig – keyboards, vocals

Additional Musicians: Richie Onori – drums * Brian Peters – bass, vocals * Michael Langlan – lead guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 Pay The Devil His Due * 02 98 In The Shade * 03 One Naked Kiss * 04 Three Nights Running * 05 Wires And Chains * 06 Kiss Of Fools * 07 Destiny * 08 Run Rebel Run * 09 Too Much * 10 Sweet Salvation * 11 Takin’ Out The Trash * 12 Silver Wings * 13 Let It Rain



The fortunes of L.A (Larry) Greene and Roger Scott Craig, continue on into the 90’s with their formalised band/project Harlan Cage. After the demise of 80’s L.A pomp gods Fortune, and some stints with songwriting and well known movie soundtracks, the duo’s collective efforts have been combined.

Most of these tracks had appeared in the AOR underground during the early-mid 90’s as demos under the banner of L.A Greene, but with a deal sown up with MTM Music, these tracks get an official release, and what a release it is! It’s like Harlan Cage have carried on where Fortune left off, and with a vengeance. Some of these tracks are unbelievable, and I have no hesitation in declaring it one of the albums of 1996. A pompsters delight and very wet dream!

The Songs

I am sure that some of these songs have been in the can for some time, obviously ’98 In The Shade’ is a throwback to those Fortune days, but songs like ‘Destiny’ have a sure fire 80’s flavour to it. Standouts are a plenty. The kick ass opener ‘Pay The Devil His Due’ for one. That guitar crunch really opens things up for the listener.

The superb pairing of ‘One Naked Kiss’ and ‘Three Nights Running’ will put the average pompster on heart attack alert! The very definition of AOR could be best described with ‘One Naked Kiss’, pulsing bass, soaring keyboards, and crystalline vocals. The pomp attack continues on with ‘Too Much’ and the punchy ‘Run Rebel Run’, while some slower and more atmospheric pieces appear with ‘Kiss Of Fools’ and ‘Sweet Salvation’.

In Summary

If there is one slight complaint it is the lyrics. Very obtuse at the best of times, though a great compelling read trying to understand it all. I’m sure Larry knows what these songs are all about.. but does anybody else? Anyway, a super album, one that deserves to have a slot reserved for it under the letter ‘H’.


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